France: Grand Dole District to Open Hydrogen Fueling Station

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Grand Dole Hydrogen Station

In the Innovia division (communes of Damparis and Choisey), work began in early last July on the plot of 2,348 m 2 that the Grand Dole acquired from SEDIA (formerly SOCAD). It is here that the first hydrogen fuel distribution station in the region  will soon be commissioned (the closest ones are in Orly and Lyon). 

This event will mark a huge step forward in the development of the hydrogen sector promoted by the Agglomeration Community for the last ten years.

Acquired from the Technological University of Belfort – Montbéliard , the station itself (a large container of 6 mx 2.10 m) was installed on October 8 of 2018 and will soon be connected to the entire network. Built as part of a research project, this equipment raises the pressure of the stored gas to allow it to flow to the vehicle. A secure technical room will also be created and the entire site will be under video protection.

Owned by the Grand Dole, the station will be operated by Colruyt via its DATS 24 fuel distribution subsidiary.

A fleet of five vehicles to start with

Hydrogen (less than 100 kilos) will be stored at the station, in bottles. It will recharge the five vehicles La Poste and Inovyn (Kangoo ZE) that run on hydrogen. Until now, the latter had to “refuel” on the industrial site of Tavaux which produces “co-produced” 10,000 tons of hydrogen per year. Other companies in the area will soon be equipped with hydrogen vehicles and become customers of the distribution station.

The site will also host an experimental station through which a consortium of companies and researchers can work towards the development of a less expensive and more scalable distribution system as part of the VHYCTOR project. Hydrogen co-produced by Inovyn can then be used.

In addition, the site will eventually house the premises of the future hydrogen storage institute , the realization of which should be facilitated by the ”  Hydrogen deployment plan, a future tool for the energy transition  “, presented by Nicolas. Hulot, Minister of Energy Transition and Solidarity on June 1 st . This ambitious roadmap is endowed with 100 million euros, released by the State from 2019.


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