France: Transporters Come to Test the First Hydrogen Truck on the Albi Circuit

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Fuel Cells Works, France: Transporters Come to Test the First Hydrogen Truck on the Albi Circuit

A first in France. Transporters and loaders are gathered at the Albi circuit to test a hydrogen truck. Tests which could accelerate the use of hydrogen in the transport of goods.

About a hundred carriers, from major brands like Michelin, are present in Albi on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 September. Companies that met at the Albi circuit to test a hydrogen truck during two days of testing .

This is a first in France and it is part of the Occitanie Region’s project to be a pioneer in the field of hydrogen. A project that relies on the know-how of Albi, which has been working for years on hydrogen issues within the circuit (in particular with SAFRA, which builds buses and now hydrogen coaches).

True industrial revolution 

Hydrogen is real now. And it will go very quickly promises Stéphane Ranoux of the France-Hydrogen association “There is a real industrial revolution happening in France, in Albi. You have to imagine that two or three years ago, a hydrogen truck It was a dream. We had bikes three years ago and we were wondering how to go further. And so today the truck. “

And obviously everyone wanted to test the beautiful red truck which has toured the Albi circuit dozens of times, a truck developed in the Netherlands by André Lagendijk from HYzon. “A hydrogen truck does exist. Carriers can ‘snort’ it, touch it here. It’s not for the future. It exists in real life.” 

Geraud Pellat de Villedon represents Michelin for this test. Michelin for which, tomorrow, the transport of tires will undoubtedly pass by hydrogen trucks. “There are a lot of carriers here. Michelin firmly believes in it as one of the solutions to decarbonize logistics. And that is why we have invested in hydrogen for 20 years.” 

“The Albi circuit is part of our heritage and part of our future.” Stephanie Guiraud-Chaumeil

These test days are obviously a way for the mayor of Albi to “legitimize” the Albi circuit, to make it economically essential . Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil reiterates her attachment to this equipment while it is still attacked by residents who feel that it makes too much noise.  “The Albi circuit is part of our heritage and at the same time it is part of our future for its potential for innovation. Three years ago we rode here with a hydrogen bike and today we are here with a truck with enormous capacities. We were in projects and here we are going to the concrete. Around this infrastructure, we are going to develop a certain number of tests and trials and therefore of economic development. ” 

And on the Albi circuit, the city will build a mobility center. A space where hydrogen tests or homologations for transporters can take place.

Source: Franceblue/Sandrine Morin


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