French Government Issues Call for Projects to Deploy Hydrogen Mobility in France

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On Friday, October 19th, 2018, François de Rugy, Minister of State, Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition, Elisabeth Borne, Minister for Transport and Arnaud Leroy, President of ADEME, announced the launch of a call for projects to support the development of the hydrogen in mobility. It is part of the hydrogen plan presented by the Government in June 2018, which aims to deploy and democratize the uses of this energy vector that will help to decarbonize transport. This call for projects is part of the broader commitment of the state to commit to CO2-free mobility by 2040.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier that will play an important role in the energy transition: it can be used to store electrical energy, on the grid or in transport, in a completely carbon-free way. Its use, on a local scale, makes it possible to develop the region's renewable resources, to interconnect energy networks, to bring flexibility to different uses in mobility or industry.

The National Hydrogen Plan announced on June 1, 2018 plans to develop hydrogen solutions for road, rail and river transport. In the field of mobility, the objectives set for 2028 are:

  • 20,000 to 50,000 light vehicles,
  • 800 to 2,000 heavy vehicles,
  • 400 to 1,000 hydrogen charging stations.

Today, electric cars, battery or hydrogen, represent less than 2% of vehicles sold. Only a few hundred hydrogen vehicles are in circulation. The European targets in terms of lower CO2 emissions from vehicles that are currently being negotiated at European level, and which should lead to a reduction by more than 35% in the emissions of vehicles sold in 2030 compared to 2020, will have to be based on on new forms of motorization, including the motorization using the hydrogen vector.

Call for projects “Hydrogen mobility ecosystems”

As part of this plan, ADEME is launching a call for projects for hydrogen mobility ecosystems. It aims to deploy territorial mobility ecosystems by creating professional fleets for the transport of people or goods. This may concern company vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses, heavy goods vehicles, river or maritime shuttles, logistics vehicles, etc.

Who can file a project for funding?

Any private or public legal entity, positioning itself as a developer.

The expected projects will have to cover the project management for the entire envisioned ecosystem chain, combining production, distribution and uses of hydrogen in vehicle fleets.


For this call, three closing dates are scheduled: January 11, 2019; May 3, 2019; November 8, 2019.

More information and online deposit form:é2018-82


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