Fuel Cell Commercialization Agreement Between SOLIDpower and Egg Technology
Fuel Cell Commercialization Agreement Between SOLIDpower and Egg Technology
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, June 07, 2017

Mezzolombardo / Camerino Italy-- In the first weeks of May, Egg Technology s.r.l., a spin-off of the University of Camerino founded by researchers and entrepreneurs of the Green Energy sector, and SOLIDpower SpA signed an agreement for the deployment of 300 kW (200 BlueGEN units) of highly efficient and clean energy in 2017-2018. The innovative systems that Egg technology offers are made of a BlueGEN fuel cell system combined with thermal and electric storages, as well as with heat pumps.

Last summer, the city of Camerino and the surrounding areas were strongly damaged by multiple earthquakes. Egg Technology and SOLIDpower, with this agreement, are committed to attracting international investments in this area to foster the recovery.

The agreement, which also addresses the technological issues with a co-development of some components related mainly to the electrical storage, testifies to the vitality of SOLIDpower on the market, a few days after the signing of an important agreement with a Belgian distributor for over 550 systems, and makes it one of the realities more active internationally in the field. This is also thanks to the reliability, maturity and performance of its products, including the micro-cogenerator BlueGen fuel cell, which produces 1.5 kW electrical and  0.6 kW thermal power and is intended for residential and commercial users mainly for the electrical part.

Stefano Modena, Sales and Service Manager Italy and Product Manager of SOLIDpower SpA comments: “From the very beginning, Egg Tech has demonstrated to be a very dynamic and motivated partner. With them, we will deploy our systems in the Italian market with different applications, from residential buildings to commercial or industrial ones”.

Fabio Fabiani, Member of the Board of Egg Technology states: “This is a unique occasion for the diffusion of this revolutionary technology that generates low-cost and low-carbon energy and that in the short/medium term will completely replace the energy systems based on combustion. We are extremely satisfied with this agreement”.

The objective for 2017 is to install the first 100 kW in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.