Fuel Cell Cooperation between SOLIDpower and EWE continues
Fuel Cell Cooperation between SOLIDpower and EWE continues
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, August 30, 2016

Heinsberg, Germany-- EWE Vertrieb GmbH – one of the leading energy service providers in Germany – has now been supporting the development of the innovative SOLIDpower fuel cell technology for more than five years. During this time, more than 150 fuel cell units have been successfully operated under realistic test conditions.

"The field tests promoted by the Federal Government have made it possible for us, and our customers, to understand this technology in detail." said Christian Hoffmann, Head of Product Management and Energy Services at EWE Vertrieb. He went on to say that "Above all, it is the enthusiasm of our customers that drives us to continue on our path and accelerate the market launch of fuel cells in our sales territory."

To this end, the partners have signed a cooperation contract which, in the long term, will ensure the provision of BlueGEN appliances for EWE customers as part of their innovative energy services. For residential buildings and business operations with a high requirement for electricity and suitable heat demand, the units are a particularly promising option – with the benefit of saving on greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs. An important element of this successful cooperation is the recently announced support programme by the German Federal Government for the widespread market launch of fuel cell heating appliances.

Ten million operation hours – proven BlueGEN technology for a growing demand for electricity "The market is clearly moving towards electricity – worldwide. And even though electric devices are becoming increasingly more efficient, the household consumption of electricity per capita is still growing. The demand for electric energy in small to medium-sized businesses is also growing steadily", says Guido Gummert, CEO of SOLIDpower Germany. As he sees it, these are the customers who are eagerly awaiting more innovative energy systems. "The ten million hours of operation achieved from all the BlueGEN systems located in the market today confirm the high level of operational reliability. The technology is already in the market, and it is now ready to make its mark."

Strategic alliances for a more widespread market launch SOLIDpower is now firmly backing strategic partnerships. And, with its forwardlooking ideas and selected partners, EWE, a pioneer in applied fuel cell technology, possesses the high level of expertise required to promote the energy appliances developed and manufactured by SOLIDpower. "With the verifiably highest electrical efficiency of up to 60 per cent and a power generation of around 13,000 kWh per annum, the BlueGEN allows for significant reductions in energy costs – particularly for businesses such as retailers, workshops or restaurants.

Also office buildings benefit from this very effective energy concept." says Andreas Ballhausen, Head of Sales for SOLIDpower Germany, "With EWE, on the lookout for innovative energy systems, efficient products and services – we are now heading in a new direction."

Prior to the EWE cooperation, SOLIDpower had established a similar partnership with ASEW, the association for efficient use of energy and water. ASEW, which was founded by the German Association of Local Utilities (VKU), advises around 300 associated utilities. They assist energy providers in expanding their share of renewable energies and continuously increasing their efficiency. With this partnership, SOLIDpower gains increased access for BlueGEN to the largest network of German utilities.

"To date, over 700 BlueGEN appliances have been installed in eight European countries, half of these located in Germany", says Andreas Ballhausen, "We have reached market maturity for the BlueGEN, particularly in terms of its electrical efficiency, and are well prepared for the further expansion of the market".