Fuel Cell Drone Manufacturer BSHARK Starts Manufacturing in its New Production Facilities

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Bshark New Facility 1

 BSHARK HOLDINGS LIMITED has officially opened the doors to its new production base in the Liaocheng city, Shandong. The new Production based namely, SHANDONG BSHARK INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.

Bshark Drone New Facility

The Liaocheng city production base, setup is to assist in helping meet the current high demand in our hydrogen fuel cell products, including the Narwhal 2 and other subsequent Hydrogen Products. The new office is expected to produce at least a 100 unites of Hydrogen Fuel Cell products every month within the last quarter of 2018. However, production capacity is expected to exceed 200 units Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Narwhal Products Series beginning from the 1st quarter of 2019.

This new facility occupies a production base of 8000 meters squared (m2) located in close proximity to the economic zone in Eastern China. This production base aims to produce three categories of products: 

  • The H2 –  Hydrogen Fuel Cell: This product is made of metal bipolar plate and membrane electrode. The metal bipolar plate is very suitable for reducing the thickness of the stack, mass production, and is advantageous for increasing the volume power density or mass ratio power of the fuel cell.
  • Hydrogen Powered Drones: The narwhal 2 hydrogen-powered drone is currently the most economical drone with longtime flight (2 hrs) on the market.  This Hydrogen Fuel Cell drone is suitable for Mapping & Surveillance, firefighting & rescue missions, pipeline inspections, and agriculture crop management.
  • The Orca – Mobile Hydrogen Fueling Station: The mobile hydrogen fueling station is one of the breathtaking technology by BSHARK. The Orca hydrogen fuel station is a mobile, fully automated hydrogen generator, that as the efficiency of producing hydrogen for equipment under 35 MPa storage pressure.

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