Fuel Cell Electric Bus Evaluations
Fuel Cell Electric Bus Evaluations
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, July 24, 2017

NREL's technology validation team evaluates fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs) to provide comprehensive, unbiased evaluation results of fuel cell bus development and performance compared to conventional baseline vehicles.

Transit buses are one of the best early transportation applications for fuel cell technology. Buses operate in congested areas where pollution is already a problem. These buses are centrally located and fueled, highly visible, and subsidized by government. By evaluating the experiences of these early adopters, NREL can determine the status of bus fuel cell systems and establish lessons learned to aid other fleets in implementing the next generation of these systems.

Both DOE and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) fund NREL's hydrogen and fuel cell evaluations. A joint plan (PDF) describes these evaluations, and the table below summarizes both current and planned projects. This table shows the estimated timing for all of NREL's zero emission bus evaluations, which include both fuel cell electric and battery electric buses. The schedule for planned evaluations is subject to change as each project progresses.

The U.S. Fuel Cell Bus Projects Microsoft Excel Excel spreadsheet summarizes current and planned projects in the United States.