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Fuel Cells Works, GenH2, Hydrogen Infrastructure Solutions Leader, to Exhibit At Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo at Long Beach Convention Center August 30-September 2, 2021

On 09.08 Fuel Cells Works sat down with GenH2’s Cody Bateman and Susan Magi to learn more about what GenH2 is doing and what area of the hydrogen sector it is focusing on.  GenH2 is the industry leader in liquid hydrogen, and its leading-edge products were developed using the knowledge gained from helping NASA to launch space shuttles into orbit.

GenH2Photo1FCW.  In an article today published by HS it was mentioned, “In California, there are only 48 stations in operation. The goal of GenH2 is to greatly expand that number and be able to place smaller and more efficient hydrogen stations across the country.”  Is GenH2 going to get into the hydrogen fueling station business?

GenH2 is building the infrastructure but not actually building the stations.  It provides an end-to-end system for hydrogen production.  GenH2 started out optimizing steam reforming by minimizing the amount of carbon production.  GenH2 uses methane as a feedstock.  GenH2 designed the liquid hydrogen storage tank and it is currently being used at Kennedy Space Center.

FCW.  If GenH2 is only going to produce hydrogen, then what organizations is it working with to get hydrogen dispensing stations setup with?

Currently working with a few companies and in 6-8 months GenH2 is hoping to announce some agreements.

FCW.  How exactly does GenH2 produce hydrogen?

“Hyrolysis” is a proprietary technology using non-thermal plasma, methane, and water to produce hydrogen.  The byproduct is carbon black and the carbon black can be sold to be used in industrial use process.  The hyrolysis process that H2Gen uses can be sped up or slowed down as needed without the inefficiencies that steam reformation uses.

FCW.  Presently Hyzon has plans to offer a liquid hydrogen fuel tank in 2023.  Does GenH2 have any plans to join the Hyzon and Raven SR collaboration to leverage its liquid hydrogen expertise?

GenH2 has been leading the charge for liquid hydrogen because of its decades of work with hydrogen.  GenH2 liquid hydrogen production ensures a high level of purity thereby reducing the risk of damage to fuel cells.  GenH2 supports Hyzon in its liquid hydrogen pursuit.

FCW.  Does GenH2 have any plans to go public in the near future?  GenH2’s financial model is to do an IPO and it is working with an investment team and investors right now.

FCW.  What does the GenH2 presence in California currently look like?  [Presently GenH2 is in] Florida, Texas, and White Sands, New Mexico.  Hydrogen works differently at higher and lower humidites as well as at different elevations, and its work in New Mexico and Florida give it advantages in those area.

FCW.  Does GenH2 feel that the state governments in California and Florida have been supportive of its efforts to become a key stakeholder in the hydrogen segment?

GenH2 is seeing a lot of states interested in hydrogen.  GenH2 found that out by looking at a community to build its headquarters in.  GenH2 is looking to possibly build a large manufacturing facility in Texas or Ohio.

FCW.  Is GenH2 going to produce a rail car for liquid hydrogen storage?

GenH2 is currently working with two rail solutions one in the U.S. and Europe for light rail to bring its liquid hydrogen solutions to life, but it is not producing or going to produce a rail car to transport hydrogen.

FCW.  What advantages does GenH2 feel it has over a company like Chart when it comes to storing liquid hydrogen?

GenH2 has been working with Chart at NASA for years.  Chart is truly the leader in hydrogen tanks.  GenH2 has a true zero loss solution/no boil-off of the hydrogen which is something Chart lacks.

FCW.  Does GenH2 have any educational material for grades K-12 that it is able to share right now about anything hydrogen related or anything related to its NASA work?

GenH2 is going to be emphasizing education at its headquarters in FL when it is done, and it will allow people to tour its campus and see its scientists working.

GenH2 already trains oil and gas companies on working with hydrogen, and it plans to offer internships for those in high school who wants to go into welding, driving forklifts, or developing professional skillsets.

Cody also spent some time expanding on the plug-and-play system that GenH2 has developed, since GenH2’s complete system from hydrogen creation to storage can be adapted to fit different customer needs.  For instance, if a client is already producing hydrogen on its own it can still use GenH2’s system to compress and store the hydrogen in liquid form, which gives the client the ability to take advantage of GenH2’s leading-edge technology while maintaining the value of the client’s hydrogen production system.  Cody also noted that for clients in California they can take advantage of LCFS (Low Carbon Fuel Standard) credits since GenH2 does not utilize them.

Overall GenH2 gives the global hydrogen community a lot of hope since its hydrogen production, liquification, and storage solutions not only offer oil and gas companies an easy and clean route to producing hydrogen, but they also give the hydrogen community the ability to easily improve parts of the hydrogen supply chain.  With GenH2’s sorely needed technology the global economy takes another step forward towards the transition to eliminating emissions, and it further proves that the hydrogen revolution is happening now.


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