Gasnetz Hamburg Hands over Hydrogen Vehicles to ArcelorMittal

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ArcelorMittal Receives Hydrogen Car
  • In-depth exchange of experiences with hydrogen technology
  • ArcelorMittal tests Hydrogen vehicles from the gas network fleet
  • CO2-free driving with a long-range and short refueling stops

Climate protection with green hydrogen gas connects both companies

While Hamburg’s gas network is preparing its network to supply the city with renewable gas in a more climate-friendly way in the future, ArcelorMittal is already testing the reduction of iron ore with hydrogen. Both companies are now also intensifying the regular exchange of experience with regard to mobility. A hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo from the Gasnetz Hamburg fleet is now testing at ArcelorMittal. Dr. Uwe Braun, the spokesman for the management at ArcelorMittal Hamburg GmbH, symbolically took over the ignition key from Udo Bottlaender, technical manager at Gasnetz Hamburg.

“We are currently gaining experience using green hydrogen at both ends of our large gas lines. That is why we exchange information regularly, ”said Bottlaender at the vehicle handover. “The knowledge gained from an energy-intensive industrial company is extremely important to us for the future planning of our network infrastructure. By providing one of our H2 cars, we want to share experience on our side that goes beyond insight into our network operations. ”

“Our longstanding partnership with Gasnetz Hamburg is literally picking up speed on the subject of hydrogen,” confirms Dr. Uwe Braun from ArcelorMittal. “Because in our view, green gas is an all-round talent among energy sources that opens up prospects for industry, households and mobility alike. We look forward to emission-free driving. ”

Gasnetz Hamburg has had two hydrogen production cars from Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai since mid-2019. They are part of the company fleet at the Tiefstack location and are used in daily operations for business trips. So far, the balance has been extremely positive. The long ranges and quick refueling are particularly impressive. As early as 1999, the predecessor company of Gasnetz Hamburg had tested early H2 vehicles at the Tiefstack location and operated Europe’s first hydrogen filling station.

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