GAUSSIN To Present Its ELECTRIC and HYDROGEN Solutions for the Marine And Pleasure Boating Sector at the MONACO YACHT SHOW

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Fuel Cells Works, GAUSSIN To Present Its ELECTRIC And HYDROGEN Solutions For The Marine And Pleasure Boating Sector At The MONACO YACHT SHOW

GAUSSIN (EURONEXT GROWTH: ALGAU – FR0013495298) announces its participation in the Monaco Yacht Show 2021, the world’s leading yachting exhibition, which will be held in Monaco from September 22nd to 25th. GAUSSIN has chosen this event, a key meeting place for major manufacturers and experts in the sector, to present clean, ecological and innovative propulsion and power solutions for the marine and nautical industries.

Towards a blue yacht and an eco-responsible industry

Concerned about the environmental issues of our time, the marine industry is working to implement a sustainable policy to neutralize its ecological footprint, promote renewable energy and preserve natural resources.

Like the biggest competitors in the automotive sector, the superyacht industry is the ideal ground for testing and perfecting new sustainable solutions that can eventually be applied to the entire maritime sector. With a customer base that has the resources to support sustainability and many experts who can embrace change, there is an opportunity to build a sustainable, future-proof yachting industry and a model for the maritime sector. GAUSSIN, concerned for many years with the climate cause and  Page 2 sur 4 the future of future generations, is making its contribution and leveraging its expertise to accelerate the energy transformation of the maritime sector.

POWERPACK® FULL ELEC and POWERPACK® H2: an ecological alternative to diesel engines

Designed in 2011 by GAUSSIN and co-developed with the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA-Liten), the POWERPACK® is a compact, modular and versatile solution that combines the components required for energy storage, supervision and thermal management.

The POWERPACK® FULL ELEC and H2 use the latest generations of battery and fuel cell technologies, respectively. The two POWERPACK® options – FULL ELEC and H2 – can be combined on the same boat in DUAL SOURCE.

Three applications for marine and pleasure boating

GAUSSIN’s clean propulsion and power technologies have three concrete applications in the marine sector:

  • Power source for shore power This solution provides shore power to the boat to shut down the generators and replace the boat’s diesel consumption.
  • Primary power source for a boat The single propulsion solution for a zero-emission boat.
  • Power source for a hybrid boat This solution offers electrical and zero-emission power close to the coast and recreational areas for biodiversity and environmental protection and nuisance reduction.

The POWERPACK® , a modular solution tested and approved under difficult conditions

As a modular solution, the POWERPACK® can be adapted to each boat, depending on the model, the use, the energy needs and the activity peaks. The POWERPACK® is efficient and reliable against heat, shocks, vibrations and salt spray. For example, it is used on 70-ton vehicles in port environments.


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