Gazprom Planning to Engage in Pilot Hydrogen Energy Projects Based in Russia

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Fuel Cells Works, Russia: Gazprom Neft and Rusatom Overseas Commit to Cooperating in Hydrogen Energy and in De-Carbonizing Industry

The Gazprom Board of Directors took note of the information about the development of hydrogen production in the Russian Federation and its potential uses.

It was highlighted that the development of hydrogen energy in Russia is essential both for the decarbonization of the domestic industry and for exports to the global hydrogen market. This line of activity is becoming increasingly relevant in the context of the climate agenda in the global economy and energy sector.

Gazprom plans to engage in the implementation of pilot hydrogen energy projects in Russia. Jointly with the relevant ministries, the Company has drawn up a draft roadmap for the high-tech area of activity “Development of hydrogen energy and decarbonization of industry and transport on the basis of natural gas.” The draft document has been submitted to the Ministry of Energy for further approval by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Gazprom approaches hydrogen both as a means to reduce the carbon footprint of natural gas supplies and as a commercial product. Gazprom Hydrogen, a special-purpose company, was established to carry out innovative projects and devise integrated solutions in the area of natural gas-based hydrogen technologies.

The Management Committee was tasked with providing for the activities aimed at advancing hydrogen energy and decarbonization on the basis of natural gas.


The Gazprom Group’s enterprises currently produce over 350,000 tons of hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gas per year. This gas is used to manufacture various types of products.

On August 5, 2021, the Russian Government approved the Concept for the development of hydrogen energy in the Russian Federation.

On October 13, 2021, the Russian Government and Gazprom signed the Agreement of Intent aimed at advancing the hi-tech area of activity “Development of hydrogen energy and decarbonization of industry and transport on the basis of natural gas.”


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