GenCell Appoints Amorele Technology to Accelerate Fuel Cell Adoption in the Philippines

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AMORELE to deliver zero-emission GenCell fuel cells to provide reliable backup power during grid instability and outages, reduce regional pollution and support first responders

Petach Tikvah, Israel — GenCell Energy, the alkaline fuel cell power solution provider and manufacturer, has appointed specialist systems integrator AMORELE Technology Inc. to offer its portfolio of fuel cell solutions in the Philippines. Initially targeted at first responders, local businesses and the military, the breakthrough solutions will work to reduce the country’s high humanitarian and financial costs associated with long-duration power outages caused by brownouts, severe weather conditions, typhoons and earthquakes.

Upon installing the country’s first GenCell G5 fuel cell at its new GenCell showroom in Binan, Laguna, this week Amorele is celebrating the official opening of this facility with a ceremony attended by system integrators and representatives from companies in various industries.

To support the Philippines moving towards green technologies and renewable energy, Amorele has partnered with GenCell to enable Philippine businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. A systems integrator that specializes in structured cabling, communications, wireless networking and security surveillance, Amorele employs skilled and certified electrical engineering professionals who will market, sell and support GenCell product deployments in the country with highest quality service. With its broad range of clients, including government agencies, airports, banks, commercial properties, businesses and more, Amorele aims to integrate GenCell’s technologies across diverse industry sectors. In the longer term, the company plans to develop a network of channel partners across the country to whom it will supply both sales and technical support.

Alain Caparanga, of Amorele Technology Inc. comments: “We were immediately struck by the benefits that GenCell fuel cells could bring to our country. In some Philippine islands, we regularly experience grid failures lasting as long as 12 hours – often between 8am and 8pm – with at least two to three brownouts per week. During these periods, everything stops, which affects businesses drastically. To bridge this gap, thousands of diesel generators are installed everywhere. But aside from being very noisy, leaky and polluting, these generators are not fueled to last for more than six or eight hours, when power is lost once again. What’s more, even with grid power, energy fluctuation makes everything quite unstable here. The GenCell solutions with their built-in energy bridge can aid this, as well as provide the clean and reliable backup power that we lack,” adds Caparanga.

AMORELE is pursuing opportunities for Philippine government units to use GenCell fuel cells within hospitals and emergency services during typhoons. Essentially, this will provide power for first responders at the scenes of incidents, enabling reliable communications and the ability to pump water and provide critical light and heat. In addition, the GenCell G5’s will be offered to local businesses and banks to help avoid the losses that can occur when power outages disable retail payment systems and ATMs. Lastly, the military may adopt the technology to provide backup power for the many bases that operate throughout the Philippines.

Alain Caparanga continues, “A growing number of Philippine companies are already looking for more sustainable power sources for primary and backup power. This is especially true of our island communities that rely on wind and solar. What’s more, there’s growing suspicion that our use of diesel generators and rising pollution is contributing to the increased ferocity of typhoons. We believe that as fuel cells complement other renewable energy sources and displace diesel with cleaner alternatives, we will see healthy uptake of the solutions across the Philippines.”

The GenCell Energy G5 long-duration UPS is a fuel cell-based solution that runs on hydrogen cylinders. The solution produces no emissions, noise or vibrations and can be located either indoors or outdoors to provide critical backup power during grid outages. When delivered with a protective shelter, the G5 becomes the seismic-certified G5rx, designed to withstand severe weather events including earthquakes of up to 7.2 Richter.

Rami Reshef, CEO, GenCell Energy comments, “We’re very excited to announce our partnership with AMORELE today. As respected experts in the country, Alain and his team know what Philippine businesses want and need, and they have an excellent record for customer service and support. We hope that our technology will help to improve business continuity and performance, as well as the lives of Philippine residents.”


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