GenCell Partners with Gallorema to Distribute Clean Fuel Cell Back-up Power to Champagne and Wine Production
GenCell Partners with Gallorema to Distribute Clean Fuel Cell Back-up Power to Champagne and Wine Production
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 13, 2017
  • Fuel cell power solution prevents power spikes and eliminate power loss
  • GenCell G5 fuel cell to premiere on the Gallorema outdoor booth (Salmanazar row, booth 21) at VITeff, 17-20 October

Epernay, France -- GenCell, the fuel cell power solution provider and manufacturer, has signed a distributor agreement with Gallorema, a specialist equipment provider to the Champagne and wine industry. Gallorema will distribute the GenCell G5 long-duration UPS to its customers to provide back-up power to Champagne and wine production lines, as well as regulating voltage to key production equipment.

GenCell’s fuel cell power solutions deliver unrivalled power stability and 5kW of auxiliary power to ensure uninterrupted wine production, from the harvest receiving hopper to the bottle. Fueled by hydrogen, the clean energy of the future, GenCell power solutions can be easily installed in cellars as they produce energy with no emissions, noise or vibrations.

Gallorema’s CEO, Christophe Labruyère, is a member of the Champagne-Ardennes Administration Council and President of the Champagne Entrepreneurs Association since 2008. As a leading supplier for the Champagne industry, Labruyère works regularly with producers and understands their business challenges.

“Many wine producers suffer from an inconsistent supply of electricity, with voltage spikes or even power losses that reset production equipment or stop production completely,” says Labruyère. “These incidents reduce productivity and may even cause significant financial losses. The GenCell solution will mitigate power issues and assist Champagne and wine producers in avoiding production equipment service costs, as well as the high material costs of spoiled vintages and the even higher costs of lost future revenue.”

Rami Reshef, GenCell CEO comments: “GenCell is very excited to be working with Gallorema to support the French wine industry with a clean, hydrogen-powered back-up energy solution. Mr. Labruyère has deep insights into the needs of this special market and we look forward to many successes together.”

GenCell’s G5 long-duration UPS will be distributed by Gallorema through its four agencies in the North and East of France. The GenCell G5 solution will make its first industry appearance at Gallorema’s stand at the VITeff sparkling wine technology exhibition that will be held in Epernay on October 17-20, 2017.

About GenCell

GenCell manufactures, sells and services fuel-cell-based power solutions that provide a reliable, scalable source of 5kW electricity. Fueled by hydrogen, the clean energy of the future, the GenCell G5 long-duration UPS provides backup power for telecom, homeland security, healthcare and niche industrial markets. The GenCell G5rx utility backup solution operates as a direct source of backup power or supplements legacy backup battery systems that provide only 6-8 hours of power. It also includes a shelter that is resistant to high-voltage interference, earthquakes and EMPs. Headquartered in Israel, GenCell has a regional presence and a distribution and support network in North America, Latin America and Europe.