Germany: City of Wunsiedel to Rely on Hydrogen

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The city of Wunsiedel will use green hydrogen for electricity storage in the future. The city, the utility company SWW, Riessner-Gase and Siemens have recently signed a memorandum of understanding.

  • Letter of Intent: Siemens supplies electrolysis system with up to 10 megawatts of power for the city and district of Wunsiedel
  • Contracting parties are the city of Wunsiedel, SWW Wunsiedel GmbH, Riessner-Gase GmbH and Siemens AG
  • Continuation of technology partnership between SWW and Siemens

As part of a cooperation, Siemens wants to build a 10-megawatt electrolysis plant in Wunsiedel. This allows excess environmentally friendly electricity to be converted into hydrogen.

“Hydrogen is an important energy source of the future,” said SWW CEO Marco Krasser at the official signing of the letter of intent in Wunsiedler “House of Energy Future”. “With the electrolysis, we now have a long-term storage technology available, which converts surpluses from our renewable power plants into storable hydrogen.” When using electricity from renewable sources, the experts speak of so-called “green hydrogen”.

SWW Wunsiedel GmbH operates several photovoltaic plants and wind turbines with a total output of more than 20 megawatts. “With our electrolysis plant, we supplement the existing SIESTORAGE short-term storage with a permanent energy storage solution. which can ultimately also provide grid-stabilizing services such as primary control power in the combination of both systems, “said Andreas Schmuderer, project manager of the technology partner Siemens.

Siemens is a pioneer of electrolysis technology. “With the SYLIZER, we also have a system that has already been used successfully in other projects,” Dr. Bernd Koch, Head of CoC Decentralized Energy Systems Germany.

Another important partner for the use of hydrogen technology is the Upper Franconian company Riessner-Gase, which is one of the regionally leading suppliers of technical and medical gases, food, test and special gases. “As a family-run medium-sized company, we attach great importance to the sustainable orientation of our investments. The production of hydrogen with green electricity instead of fossil fuels fits perfectly into our sustainability concept. The project will include our experience in designing and implementing hydrogen plants and in the commercialization of hydrogen. ” Thilo Rießner, Managing Director of Rießner-Gase GmbH.

Karl-Willi Beck, First Mayor of Wunsiedel said “At our first” Hydrogen Round Table “in May of this year, we discussed the prospects of hydrogen production and utilization with companies, local politicians and local institutions. The positive response was an important signal for us to pursue this approach specifically for the communities in the Fichtelgebirge. “


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