Germany: District of Rostock Wants to Become a Hydrogen Region

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  • The district of Rostock wants to become one of Germany’s six “hydrogen regions”

Rostock (DPA) — The district of Rostock wants to become one of Germany’s six “hydrogen regions”. As a so-called “HyStarter” region, the municipality is to be given organizational and substantive advice on hydrogen and fuel cell technology for two years, said Bundestag member Eckhardt Rehberg (CDU) on Tuesday.

The idea is to develop how hydrogen and renewable energies can be harnessed in traffic, heat, electricity and storage. In addition, networks of politics, municipal enterprises and the economy are to be formed, which could later help to implement these ideas.

“The answers to all of the future energy and mobility supply are in the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technology,” explained Rehberg. Nationwide, only the federal government in the next three years 761 million euros for it, in addition to funds from industry.

The “HyStarter” regions are the lowest of three delivery stages. In the higher levels, money is spent on project planning and investment grants for their implementation.



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