Germany: Esi Receives Two Hydrogen Powered Toyota Mirai’s

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ESI Toyota Mirai

Siegen starts into the hydrogen age: The local disposal company ESi has now added two Toyota Mirai (fuel consumption hydrogen combined 0.76 kg / 100 km, combined power consumption 0 kWh / 100 km, CO 2emissions combined 0 g / km) into its fleet.

The first mass-produced fuel cell sedan combines a locally emission-free drive with the long-haul and everyday usability of a conventionally powered car: per tank filling the Mirai reaches a range of up to 500 kilometers, refueling within just a few minutes. 

The two new Mirai in the service of the disposal company do not have very far to go to the next gas station: As part of the “Week of hydrogen in North Rhine-Westphalia” a hydrogen station in the industrial and commercial park Oberes Leimbachtal was opened. 

The operator consortium H2 Mobility Deutschland, which wants to set up a nationwide network of hydrogen refueling stations in Germany, haa awarded Siegen the title of the first city in South Westphalia for such a hydrogen station. 

Driven by the initiative “H2 Siegerland” with university, city, district and various business associations, the industrial area is currently developing a mobility center with various applications and sharing offers.

Source: Toyota 

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