Germany: Hydrogen Trains Gets a Test Run in District of Duren

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  • First hydrogen train in the Düren district

For the first time, a hydrogen train was on the tracks of the Rurtalbahn this week.

Duren Testing Hydrogen Trains

Great media hype at the presentation of the first hydrogen train in the district of Düren: District Administrator Wolfgang Spelthahn (3rd from left) with NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst, Alstom Managing Director Burkhard Reuter and the Member of the State Parliament Dr. Ralf Nolten (from left). Photo: Düren district

Since Tuesday (February 18, 2020), the district of Düren has been testing a hydrogen train from Alstom in practice with special journeys on the Rurtalbahn route between Jülich and Obermaubach. NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst was also on board.

The train was made available to the district of Düren for two days for test purposes. The district administration wants to switch to cars, buses, and trains powered by hydrogen as soon as possible. The Düren district has already received a grant from the federal government for a first hydrogen filling station.

1000 km range

So far, only a few hydrogen trains with fuel cells have been used in Germany. Among other things on a regional route between Bremervörde and Buxtehude. The experience there after more than 100,000 kilometers of continuous operation is positive. And they confirm what the Düren district administrator expects from hydrogen technology: the trains only emit steam, are low-maintenance, quiet and have a range of 1000 kilometers per day. Significantly more than battery trains that also have long electricity charging times.

District of Düren wants to buy two trains

The district administrator emphasized that hydrogen trains are economically better in the long term. He plans to buy two hydrogen trains from Alstom shortly. They are to be used on the approximately 100-kilometer route between the Eifel and Forschungszentrum Jülich. This means that more trains can be used in the future.



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