Global Pioneer for Green Hydrogen From Offshore Wind Electrolysis AquaVentus Grows to 65 Members

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Fuel CellsWorks, Global Pioneer for Green Hydrogen From Offshore Wind Electrolysis AquaVentus Grows to 65 Members
  • AquaVentus grows to 65 international member organizations.
  • These include globally active companies in the offshore industry and the manufacture of special chemical products, a well-known climate research institute and an IT manufacturer specializing in the wind industry.

Helgoland / Berlin —The membership growth at AquaVentus continues. The initiative now unites 65 international member organizations in its sponsoring association. Last month, two global offshore plant manufacturers and service providers, highly specialized large refineries, a well-known climate research institute and an IT manufacturer specializing in the wind industry were added.

“The gratifying, sustained growth of internationally recognized organizations from the areas relevant to us shows that AquaVentus with its vision is now representative of the idea of ​​producing green hydrogen through offshore wind electrolysis,” says the chairman of the AquaVentus Förderverein, Jörg Singer , pleased. “Together we want to be global pioneers for this idea”.

Reinforcement in the field of offshore plant construction and installation
OneSubsea, a subsidiary of the Schlumberger Group, is a new addition. The company provides equipment and services for subsea oil and gas production around the world. OneSubsea GmbH in Celle, Germany is the international competence center for the development, manufacture and testing of high-tech control systems for complex production plants. With decades of experience in the offshore industry, she will be able to play an important role in the development of plants for the production of green hydrogen.

Subsea 7 is one of the world leaders in offshore services. The company specializes in the entire life cycle of the projects. The offshore service provider can bring a wealth of experience from over five decades of successfully completed projects to the AquaVentus initiative.

H&R ChemPharm GmbH, which is part of the H&R Group and operates locations in Hamburg and Salzbergen in Lower Saxony, is another source of inflow from industry. In 2017, the raw material producer commissioned what was then the world’s largest flexible hydrogen electrolyser and has been using green hydrogen in the production of chemical-pharmaceutical specialties such as white oils and paraffins ever since. With its membership in AquaVentus, H&R underlines its sustainability goal of manufacturing climate-neutral products on an industrial scale.

Know-how in climate research and offshore IT
AquaVentus is also delighted to have won the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM) as a member. The independent institute researches questions relating to the energy and mobility transition, with a focus on the interactions between climate protection, law, economics and politics. In addition, the IKEM is committed to climate protection as an NGO – among other things as an observer at the UN climate conferences and as the author of the progress reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

E-BO Enterprises, based in Belgium, is a leading IT partner to the wind industry. With the software platform e-Wind, the company offers complete solutions for wind turbines in connection with telecommunication systems. It thus covers the areas of cybersecurity, system management, energy data reporting and wind farm management, among other things.

“We are excited to see what positive impulses the new members of the initiative and the project family can provide in the future,” comments Jimmie Langham, managing director of the initiative. So far, the consortium partners in the AquaPrimus, AquaPortus and AquaDuctus projects have been determined. Further project initiatives and ideas are generally open to new and strong partners.

About AquaVentus
The project family around the AquaVentus initiative comprises numerous sub-projects along the value chain from the production of hydrogen in the North Sea to transport to customers on the mainland. These coordinated consortia synchronize demand and generation and thus enable a rapid market ramp-up. The AquaVentus project family includes, for example: the development of offshore wind turbines with integrated hydrogen generation (AquaPrimus), a large-scale offshore hydrogen park (AquaSector), a central supply pipeline (AquaDuctus), port infrastructures (AquaPortus), maritime hydrogen-based applications (AquaNavis) and a research platform (AquaCampus).


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