Golden Empire Transit District (GET) Approves Purchase of 5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

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March 10, 2020 |

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Bakersfield, CA – The Golden Empire Transit District (GET) Board of Directors at the February 18, 2020 Board meeting adopted a policy to purchase Alternatively-Fueled Vehicles.

This policy will serve as a guide for the implementation of the Zero Emission Bus Plan, moving GET forward in compliance with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulation by the purchase and use of vehicles fueled by alternative fuels with the lowest possible emissions.

‘A cleaner transit future is well underway at GET,’ said Karen King, CEO of GET. The Board approved the purchase of five (5) 40-foot Hydrogen Fueled Cell Buses using Federal funding. The new buses will replace the 2009 buses that are nearing the end of their useful service life as defined by the FTA.

The community will see the benefits of these five new buses added to our fleet. Unlike buses that run on fossil fuels, a hydrogen fuel cell electric bus is run by two of the earth’s basic components: oxygen and hydrogen. A fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, heat, and water. Fuel cells are similar to batteries. Both convert the energy produced by a chemical reaction into usable electric power. The fuel cell provides an advantage as it will continue to produce electricity as long as fuel (hydrogen) and oxygen are supplied.

When a hydrogen fuel-cell electric bus operates, it produces clean byproducts, water, and heat. GET recognizes that by using only vehicles that are fueled by alternative fuels with the lowest possible emissions, the continued well-being of the community’s citizens may be achieved through better air quality.


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