Green hydrogen : a stake for ENGIE
Green hydrogen : a stake for ENGIE
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, January 24, 2018
  • The energy actor believes in this form of energy to the point of creating a new division dedicated to renewable hydrogen.

Just before the Christmas holidays and effective from January the 1st, ENGIE decided to appoint Michèle Azalbert as head of their brand new renewable energy business unit. Since January 2013, she has been in charge of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) business, wich was sold to Total in November 2017 for 1.5 billion euros. At the same time, ENGIE is accelerating its development in the gas downstream sector and searches to acquire an entity dedicated to the development of renewable hydrogen, as this type of energy will play a growing role in the energy revolution. This new entity possessing a global reach, will coordinate “green hydrogen” production, transportation and sales operations. One of ENGIE’s first clients will be Total, who will be buying their “green hydrogen” for the next ten years.

As explained by Jean-Pierre Moneger, General Manager of ENGIE Cofely, in a recently published column on LinkedIn: "Green hydrogen is made from water and electricity coming from renewable energies, allowing to obtain a carbon neutral product." An electrolyser transforms a surplus of renewable electricity into "green hydrogen" that can be compressed and stored. It can then be used on demand as "green gas" or even converted back into electricity, thanks to a fuel cell. At the same time, the oxygen and heat produced during electrolysis can also be used as complementary local energy. Through its EffiH2 solution, ENGIE Cofely offers to manufacturers turnkey solutions for “green hydrogen” production.

Isabelle Kocher, General Director of ENGIE, declared on March 2017 to Paris-Match magazine about her intention to invest in new technologies such as hydrogen: "This (new technologies) won’t be able to ensure our growth for the next three years but in the mid-term future".