GreenHydrogen enters into formalized partnership with EWII Fuel Cells
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 20, 2016

The two Danish green-tech companies GreenHydrogen ApS and EWII Fuel Cells A/S (former IRD) have entered into a formalised, long-term partnership for the commercialisation of EWII Fuel Cells’ CE-approved PEM electrolyser – ELZE1050 – and related technology.

Under the agreement, GreenHydrogen assumes the right to sell and service the systems, primarily in Europe, and may subsequently be commissioned to manufacture the systems themselves in Kolding, Denmark. The plans involve the parties working together on the continued development of the technology, with EWII Fuel Cells focusing on PEM stacks and components, while GreenHydrogen concentrates on developing the system as a whole.

“Our goal is to be a hi-tech component supplier – which is completely different from delivering system solutions. Through the agreement with GreenHydrogen, we can now devote ourselves to developing and supplying our advanced PEM stack components and fuel cell solutions. We are already working with a number of global partners, and are in the process of developing several new and exciting solutions. We plan to build on this to expand our position in this market,” explains Theiss Stenstrøm, CEO of EWII Fuel Cells.

EWII Fuel Cells and GreenHydrogen started discussing options for working together after GreenHydrogen received multiple enquires from partners and potential customers regarding small electrolysers the company was not able to deliver.

“GreenHydrogen has extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and delivering large, alkaline electrolysers, but was lacking a small system for certain application types. As EWII Fuel Cells had already decided to focus on growing its component business, it was a match made in heaven,” adds Mr Stenstrøm.

“This agreement enables us to sell a tried, tested and approved system that features a variety of technological benefits and is also compact and easy to install and use. We have solid experience in delivering systems to customers both directly and through partners, and we are currently working to build up a network of new partners. The EWII Fuel Cells system is ideal as a standard solution that can be used, for example, for green power backup for solar cell installations, on-site at industrial facilities, or for small hydrogen fueling stations,” says Niels-Arne Baden, CEO of GreenHydrogen.

In connection with the agreement, GreenHydrogen is changing the name of the system to ‘HyProvideTM P1’, and it will be the smallest electrolyser in the GreenHydrogen portfolio.

“Our large MW scale electrolysers are designed for major energy projects, where we’re involved in all phases from requirements specification to turnkey delivery. The market for large electrolysers is primarily based on demonstration projects that are financed by EUDP and FORSK-EL, for example, in Denmark, and by the EU Horizon programme. Small systems, on the other hand, are now sold on standard commercial terms and conditions; they have a faster turnover and demand fewer resources. We support our partners who otherwise handle the sales, project planning and delivery phases. Overall, the new systems will allow us to make better use of GreenHydrogen's facilities, resources and know-how – while also enabling us to start building up a commercial business,” Mr Baden explains.