GZI Next: Plan for construction of hydrogen plant in Emmen
GZI Next: Plan for construction of hydrogen plant in Emmen
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, July 20, 2018

Representatives of the municipality of Emmen, Drenthe province, NAM, EMMTEC services, Gasunie and New Energy Coalition recently signed a letter of intent. In this letter of intent, the parties agree to investigate the feasibility of a hydrogen plant on the site of the former gas treatment plant (GZI) in Emmen. With this joint research, the sustainable future of the GZI site will come closer and the region will implement the Climate Agreement.

GZI Next

After years of service, NAM put the GZI at the Phileas Foggstraat in Emmen and a large part of the GZI-related gas extraction sites in the region out of operation at the start of 2018. With this plan, it will release a unique piece of land: 30 hectares with an industrial destination an existing connection with the regional and national energy infrastructure. With this starting point, NAM's GZI site can play an important role in contributing to the CO van reduction objective, accelerating the energy transition in the Emmen region and thus being an example for the rest of the Netherlands. This is the GZI Next project. Research has shown that the site and the existing infrastructure is very suitable for a so-called energy hub with a mix of renewable energy sources such as hydrogen, biogas and solar energy.

Feasibility study

By signing the letter of intent, the parties agree to explore the possibilities of:

  • The production and use of hydrogen as an energy source, and the investigation of the possible future upscaling on the basis of renewable energy sources (wind and solar energy).
  • Broader research into synergy with EMMTEC services to make the energy demand more sustainable.
  • The installation of a hydrogen filling station.
  • A 'demonstration field lab' in collaboration with educational and knowledge institutions.

Energy Emmen for the future

For the municipality of Emmen it is important to use the GZI site as well as possible in the future. Alderman Bouke Arends of the municipality of Emmen: "We want to be a forerunner in the energy transition. With the presence of the oil fields in Schoonebeek and the gas fields around Emmen, we have been a significant region in the energy supply for decades. " Provincial Executive Henk Brink from the province of Drenthe adds: "In the near future, we will also see a more sustainable role in this area, while also maintaining employment opportunities for our region". This allows GZI Next to contribute regionally to the energy transition but also serve as an example for other regions.

Cooperation for sustainable energy

The challenge for large-scale consumer EMMTEC services to get rid of the Groningen gas is an important reason to take the initiative for GZI Next together with the other parties. Hendrik van der Ploeg of EMMTEC services: "At the Emmtec Industry & Business Park, we supply energy to large companies with a combined heat and power plant. This plant is now running on Groningen gas and we want and have to get rid of it. This can be done with high-calorific gas, but we also want to take the opportunity to switch completely to sustainable energy sources. We can investigate these options in the GZI Next context. That is why we are also very satisfied with this cooperation ".

Further steps

The feasibility study into the hydrogen plant is the first realization of GZI Next. In the short term, NAM also wants to conclude agreements with other parties for the feasibility of biogas production and a solar park. Important here is also to look at the synergy between the different energy sources; that integration is the basis of an energy hub.