H-TEC SYSTEMS Launches Megawatt PEM Electrolyzer ME 450/1400

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  • Energy of the North is one of the first customers

Lübeck / Düsseldorf – H-TEC SYSTEMS launches its new PEM electrolyzer ME 450/1400 at this year’s leading international trade fair for energy storage technologies and concepts Energy Storage Europe – currently in the megawatt class of H-TEC SYSTEMS most powerful electrolyzer in the product range.

Based on the proven stack design, the ME 450/1400 can generate up to 450 kg of hydrogen per day, meaning that it can fuel around 90 cars or an average of a dozen fuel cell-powered buses.

The demand is already there: In 2020, H-TEC will deliver it for the first time in a 40-foot container installation. The Renewable Energy Company Energy of the North, whose main shareholder is Greenpeace Energy, wants to feed up to three million kilowatt hours of green hydrogen a year into the gas grid with the newly developed electrolyzer with a rated output of one megawatt from surplus wind power.

“Our deep understanding of the market for decentralized applications in the field of renewable energies has decisively determined the product design of the ME 450/1400,” explains Frank Zimmermann, H-TEC SYSTEMS ‘Managing Director responsible for sales. “Therefore, the new ME 450/1400 is not only characterized by high efficiency in a partial load point and works extremely efficiently beyond the partial load range. Rather, it also offers the option of using the residual heat with an optional integration in local heating grids and thus increasing the overall efficiency to over 95 percent. Furthermore, he creates the integration into services in the control energy market, due to its high system dynamics and interfaces to communication.

The PEM electrolyzers and stacks from H-TEC SYSTEMS are available for the market: in just a few months, the company will be delivering its smaller 225 kW PEM electrolyzer ME 350/100 for the northern German wind farm Ellhöft; The operator will convert the wind into hydrogen and market it as a car fuel to a nearby hydrogen filling station. Likewise this year, five of the ME 350/100 electrolysers are going to Germany’s largest hydrogen mobility project “eFarm”, to the North Sea coast in Schleswig-Holstein. It also produces hydrogen from wind power for other hydrogen filling stations, where not only hydrogen cars but also buses can be refueled.

While the PEM electrolyzers ME 450/1400 and ME 350/100 from H-TEC are the core component of the S450 electrolytic stack, the stacks of the SERIES-S30, which are also presented on the Energy Storage, are suitable for approx. 1 to 5 kilowatts of electrical power Power for applications in hydrogen generators for industry and research, for fully integrated hydrogen storage solutions in the building sector, or for isolated systems in the industrial sector or for mobile applications, eg. As for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in the combustion of fossil fuels. They impress with their easy integration into these electrolysis applications, their performance and their low conversion costs. The stacks of the SERIES-S30 produce hydrogen safely and efficiently with up to 20 bar hydrogen pressure.

In general, PEM electrolysis technology products from H-TEC SYSTEMS enable the widest possible range of applications with major advantages. This not only includes the long-term caching of very large amounts of renewable energy, which makes the shutdown unnecessary and also provides economically attractive system and network services. In addition, it even creates new products – wind and solar hydrogen – that can be used as fuel in transport, as a raw material in industry, as a substitute in the natural gas network, etc. – and opens up new markets, beyond classic storage requirements. This creates new business models for renewable energy producers, which is particularly important in Germany with regard to legal market conditions in connection with the expiry of the feed-in tariff under the EEG.


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