H2 Logic delivers seventh hydrogen fuelling station for Denmark
H2 Logic delivers seventh hydrogen fuelling station for Denmark
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 22, 2015

A new hydrogen fuelling station, delivered by H2 Logic, was inaugurated in the City of Korsør in Denmark. The station is the seventh in the country and is part of an effort to secure a countrywide network in all the major cities.

Today the Danish hydrogen station network is one among the densest for an entire country in the world. This is greatly supporting the market introduction efforts by major car manufacturer on Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). During 2015 the number of FCEVs in Denmark has almost doubled, with Hyundai being active on sales since 2014. Later this year Toyota is scheduled to start deployment of the Mirai and with Honda likely to follow during 2016.

The Korsør station is operated by Danish Hydrogen Fuel A/S (DHF), a joint-venture between the oil company OK, gas company Strandmøllen and H2 Logic. DHF targets to build up to five hydrogen fueling stations onwards 2016, where the Korsør station is the first.

The Korsør station, as well as the remainder of the Danish network is based on H2Station® technology from H2 Logic that provides 70MPa fast fuelling in accordance with SAE J2601. H2Station® technology has a long proven track-record of reliable operation with close to 100% availability in Denmark – one among the highest recorded in the world for a scattered network of 24 hour public available hydrogen fueling stations.

The hydrogen station in Korsør is part of the HyFIVE demonstration project supported by the European FCH-JU program www.hyfive.eu and the Danish Energy Agency.

Main image: New H2Station® hydrogen fuelling station in Korsør Denmark