H2Carrier Has Joined the Cluster

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Fuel Cells Works, H2Carrier Has Joined the Cluster

H2Carrier is the designer and owner of the proprietary floating energy production and storage system P2XFloater™. Ocean Hyway Cluster is happy to announce that they have joined the cluster.

H2Carrier AS was established in 2019 by a core team comprising skills and experience from floating production of oil & gas, offshore wind installation and the renewables industry.

The company has developed its innovative P2XFloater™ design which enables off-grid production and thus enables remote renewable energy resources to be realized through production and storing of hydrogen and green ammonia with further transportation to the consumer markets.

We had a little chat with Sebastian Kihle, Chief Technology Officer in H2Carrier.

Fuel Cells Works, H2Carrier Has Joined the Cluster

Sebastian Kihle, Chief Technology Officer in H2 Carrier. Credits: H2 Carrier.

What is H2 Carrier’s primary focus now?

H2Carrier’s focus now is project development and maturing our current projects. We are identifying sites with good renewable energy resources at a low cost for projects for our P2XFloater™. We are currently working on more than 10 projects, mainly in Northern Europe and Greenland, says Kihle.

Ammonia project in Greenland

One of the projects they are working on is the development of the first commercial wind farm in Greenland with subsequent production and export of green ammonia. H2Carrier has signed an LOI with the Greenland based company Anori A/S to cooperate on the project. The wind farm is projected to comprise 1.5GW renewable energy which will supply power to H2Carrier’s floating production vessel for hydrogen and green ammonia, the so-called P2XFloater™. Green ammonia will be stored in tanks onboard the vessel, then exported to smaller shipping vessels and carried to the international market for ammonia. This large project will enable Greenland to play a key role in global decarbonization.

 Why did you become a part of the cluster?

We became a part of the cluster to get more involved in Ocean Hyway Cluster’s activities and to receive more information about what is happening within the hydrogen sector. Additionally, we want to utilize the membership benefits such as project support and introduction to potential partners, Kihle says.

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Teaming up with strong partners

The company has an MoU with Larsen & Toubru (L&T) for the topside engineering and construction of the green ammonia plant for the P2XFloater ™. H2Carrier plans to build the P2XFloater™ hull at yards in Asia while L&T will design & fabricate the topside process & utility modules for the production of Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia, including the Electrolysers, the nitrogen generation plant and ammonia synthesis. Installation and integration of the topsides modules into the hull can be customized as per location preferences, i.e., can be carried out in India or in other geographies.


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