H2SYS Expands Collaboration with Hyundai Motor to Advance Hydrogen Power Generation

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  • Through their expanded collaboration, H2SYS and Hyundai Motor aim to foster a comprehensive hydrogen energy ecosystem for the benefit of human activities and its environment
  • H2SYS will develop the new hydrogen generator set that will provide the highest power density and reliability in the global market for diverse applications
  • The new hydrogen generator set will be available to customers starting later this year

 Belfort, France– H2SYS, the French manufacturer of hydrogen power systems and hydrogen-electric generators, announced today that it will work with Hyundai Motor Company, the global automaker and leading exporter of fuel cell systems and fuel cell electric vehicles, to develop the most efficient and reliable hydrogen generator set for the global market.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to strengthen our collaboration with Hyundai Motor by fostering the use of clean energy and accelerating decarbonization of human activities around the world,” said Sébastien Faivre, CEO of H2SYS. “Hyundai Motor’s leading fuel cell technology combined with H2SYS’s cutting-edge hydrogen hybrid gensets will enable our partnership to bring clean power generation solutions to diverse applications.”

In 2019, H2SYS entered the refrigeration transportation market by providing the first embedded hydrogen-powered module into semi-trailer; Directly followed by the introduction of the BOXHY® line of hydrogen power generators that is useful for public works, events and light mobile backup. Since then, H2SYS has worked with Hyundai Motor to scale up into the higher power hydrogen generator market.

“This expanded collaboration will provide a low-carbon power generation solution across a wide range of applications as our fuel cell systems offer both applicability and scalability well beyond zero-emissions vehicles,” said Sae Hoon Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Fuel Cell Center, Hyundai Motor Company. “We believe our decades of experience in hydrogen fuel cells will achieve new synergies with H2SYS’s know-how in hydrogen power generation. By leveraging our combined expertise, our partners in mobility, infrastructure and energy can further advance the potential for a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem.”

Hyundai Motor recently launched HTWO, a new brand to represent its world-leading hydrogen fuel cell system. Hyundai HTWO has already shipped several of its fuel cell systems to H2SYS to develop higher power mobile and stationary electric power generators. Thanks to this technological collaboration, the resulting hydrogen-electric generators will provide the highest power density and reliability in the global market. H2SYS will meet the needs for diverse applications as the demand for clean energy generation grows. To satisfy demand, H2SYS has already purchased additional fuel cell systems from Hyundai Motor to manufacture more generator sets that will be delivered to key customers by 2021 and 2022.

Through this collaboration, both companies aim to enable a faster penetration of hydrogen energy in the global market and accelerate society’s transition to clean energy while reaching their collective commitments to the Paris Agreement.

About H2SYS

 H2Sys is a company based in France, originally a spin-off from the FCLab-CNRS in France, the most advanced and biggest European research center around hydrogen power technologies. After raising a first € 5Meur seed round of financing, it is today one of the fastest-growing European company in the Hydrogen power industry. H2Sys has already delivered and satisfied various mobile and stationary hydrogen power applications by providing the most efficient, reliable, and dense Hydrogen Genset of the market. H2sys has been laureate of the Solar Impulse® label and foundation as one of the most efficient and profitable solutions to protect the environment. H2sys hybrid system has also won the Innovation price at Energy Boat Challenge® race organized by Prince Albert II and the Yacht Club of Monaco in 2019

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