HaaS (Hydrogen-as-a-Service) Is the Solution to Decarbonize Airport Operations

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Fuel Cells Works, HaaS (Hydrogen-as-a-Service) Is the Solution to Decarbonize Airport Operations

HERNDON, VIRGINIA — Airports rely on fossil fuels for their ground operations, but now there is a clean, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative—hydrogen. REVO ZERO just launched an airport HaaS (Hydrogen-as-a-Service) solution that uses hydrogen to revolutionize airports’ operations. The company is pioneering zero-emissions mobility and green energy solutions for controlled environments and is now offering a solution for the airport operation industry.

The primary benefit for airports under a HaaS model is that it allows them to utilize hydrogen as fuel without investing in production or storage infrastructure. REVO ZERO deploys the equipment at no cost to the airport, and the airport only pays for the hydrogen under a pay-as-you-go model for ground operations vehicles. Another benefit of using HaaS is that airports can provide a more stable fuel cost rather than being impacted by fossil fuel pricing fluctuations.

REVO ZERO complements its HaaS offering by customizing zero-emissions airport-ready vehicles that comply with FAA labeling and operational regulations. Through strategic partnerships, airports will be able to lease vehicles to reduce the initial investment costs and help any airport of any size become a cleaner, more climate-friendly airport.

HaaS includes installing hydrogen dispensers in publicly accessible areas of the airport that will become refueling locations for the REVO ZERO nationwide hydrogen network. These locations will be used by the REVO ZERO pFC (plug-in-Fuel-Cell) vehicles that will become available to the public in the next few years. The pFC vehicles utilize both battery and hydrogen technologies, offering a range of up to 700 miles and quick refueling.

“Enough talking; it is time to get things done now. As an aviator, I have seen firsthand the opportunity to clean up the skies of our cities by decarbonizing airport operations. HaaS is the key to making it happen quickly,” said Ruben Creus, CEO of REVO ZERO.

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Airports can join the zero-emission revolution today by decarbonizing their operations using REVO ZERO’s HaaS solution.


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