Happy National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Day

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Fuel Cells Works, Happy National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Day

Humanity currently faces great challenges, one of them is climate change, generated by emissions resulting from human activity, which have increased in recent decades, with obvious consequences all around the world that threaten our future. The way we face this threat will speak a lot about who we are as a species, it will be the legacy that our generation leaves and will lay the foundations for the future of our descendants.

Decarbonization is a mandatory way to face this threat and the use of hydrogen to do so, arise as one of the best options, currently there are already environmentally friendly technologies for production, storage and transportation, the necessary procedures for its use have been established, there are not serious safety issues to take into account, and the costs of materials and devices are on the decline. The only thing that is missing is the popularization and mass use. In this context celebrations such as this week’s hydrogen and fuel cell day become important and relevant to bring public opinion closer to contexts that usually would not be a topic of conversation.

Hydrogen has gone through history from being an incidental discovery and a fuel with a bad reputation due to a media accident such as the Hindenburg airship to a source of energy for the aerospace industry and more recently as an alternative for  electric energy production, mobility and transport. The hydrogen industry currently allocates almost all of its production for the manufacture of chemical products, the treatment of hydrocarbons, food processing, only less than 5% is destined for the production of energy and mobility, although faced with recent political events such as the war in Ukraine and environmental disasters, many governments are committed to initiatives that encourage the mass use of hydrogen for the generation of electricity, such as the cases of Spain and Chile, to mention a few, and given the characteristics of hydrogen as an energy vector, it is not surprising that its use for storage and support of the electrical system shall be a sector in the industry that will be on the rise.

Fuel Cells Works as a company has always had the vision of offering the hydrogen sector and also to the general public, relevant information on everything that happens around the hydrogen industry, since we have the firm conviction that only through information and the knowledge the industry will be able to achieve its place in the transformation towards an environmentally responsible society.


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