Haskel Receives Millions in Investment from US-Based Owners for its Hydrogen Project in the Northeast

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Fuel Cells Works, Haskel Receives Millions in Investment from US-Based Owners for its Hydrogen project in the Northeast

As demand for hydrogen fuel stations expands, Haskel Hydrogen Systems, which manufactures and sells high-pressure pumps and valves, is experiencing an increase in sales.

Haskel recenlty won the Manufacturing Award at the Northeast Business Awards.

The investment will also help to create new jobs at its Sunderland site, which already employs more than 100 people.

In the next 18 months, Haskel plans to leverage the investment in several key areas, starting with its global hydrogen refueling centre for excellence in Sunderland, which aims to triple its capacity by the end of next year.

Additionally, the hydrogen fuel specialist will establish a second manufacturing facility in northern France in 2022 as part of its global expansion.

Haskel’s global managing director, Stephen Learney, said: “As the world takes action to reduce emissions and address climate change, hydrogen has an increasingly important role to play in the energy transition.

“We are pleased to announce this investment from Ingersoll Rand, which demonstrates a commitment to further strengthen the development of our hydrogen refuelling business, infrastructure, equipment and people to meet increasing global market demand.

“Building on the success of our range of modular refuelling stations, by collaborating with other Ingersoll Rand businesses and combining our compression expertise we are able to continue to invest in developing our product offering and evolve to meet the needs of the emerging hydrogen market.”

About Haskel

Haskel, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand, is the global leader in high-pressure liquid and gas transfer and compression technology solutions for critical applications in hydrogen mobility, aerospace and defense, energy and other industries. The organization’s Hydrogen Systems Group, based in Sunderland, U.K., supports the development of global refuelling infrastructure, including hydrogen fuelling stations and hydrogen dispensing solutions. With 75 years of expertise, Haskel’s leadership in the market is built on a reputation of safety, reliability and the highest quality. Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), is a global leader in mission-critical flow creation and industrial technologies. For more information, visit


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