Helbio Announces Two New Patents

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March 31, 2021 |

Metacon H2PS 5

Metacon subsidiary Helbio is proud to announce that two pending Patent Applications filled with the United States Patent Office were approved.

The patents are entitled” Catalytically heated fuel processor with replaceable structured supports bearing catalyst for fuel cells” and “ Heat integrated reformer with catalytic combustion for hydrogen production”.

A continuation-in-patent application was also filled in the U.S. Patent office, based on the latter patent.

These approved patents and related applications which were recently filled describe the heart of the Helbio advanced technology applied in both of its  families of products, the Combined Heat and Power systems (like the H2PS-5) as well as the hydrogen generators for industrial hydrogen production as well as for hydrogen refueling stations for automobiles.

The patents recently approved as well as those approved a few years ago give HELBIO the freedom to operate and produce and distribute its advanced products worldwide.

About Metacon AB (publ)

Metacon AB (publ) develops and manufactures energy systems for the production of hydrogen, heat and electricity. The products are based on a patented technology that produce hydrogen through reforming of biogas or other hydrocarbons. The hydrogen can be used in the transport sector, industry and the real estate sector with a better environment and climate as a result. Through its associated company Water2H2, the market is offered systems and solutions for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis.


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