House of Lords Confirms Development of a Fully-Funded UK Hydrogen Strategy

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September 21, 2020 |

UK Parliament

On 17 September, the House of Lords held a session on whether the Hydrogen Advisory Council will develop a fully-funded hydrogen strategy for the UK.

In an opening statement, Lord Callanan confirmed that a national Hydrogen Strategy will be published before COP26. He expressed the UK’s good placement to play a leading role in hydrogen development globally. Confirmation was also given to the UK proceeding with a £100mn low-carbon hydrogen production fund.

In answer to Viscount Hanworth and Lord Ravensdale’s questions around hydrogen generation methods, Lord Callanan confirmed that the UK is positioning itself to focus on both blue and green hydrogen, with blue hydrogen deemed necessary for scaling up production.

In respect of mandating the installation of hydrogen-ready boilers by 2025, Lord Callanan pointed towards the UK’s development of a heat and building strategy and its close communication with Worcester Bosch. This work is being developed under a £25mn pot of funding.

Possibility of extending the RTFO guidance to include hydrogen was also confirmed to be a consideration by the government, and something that would be addressed in the Hydrogen Strategy.

Confirmation was also made by Lord Callanan in answer to Lord Teverson’s question on publishing of the Energy White Paper by the end of 2020.

Source: Michael Brown for Hydrogen East

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