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  • Top-class jury awards HPS as the best and most sustainable startup in Germany
  • HPS wins an investment of half a million euros
  • High synergies with WIWIN in marketing and sales expected

Berlin–HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH (HPS), the Berlin-based provider of integrated systems for storing and using solar energy for single-family homes, which fulfills their desire for independent energy, won the € 500,000 WIWIN Award last Thursday evening for innovative and sustainable companies that was awarded for the first time by the well-known crowdinvesting platform WIWIN this year.

Zeyad Abul-Ella, Managing Director of HPS, said: “The WIWIN Award is a significant recognition of our team and our development work. It shows us that with Picea, our integrated system for storage and year-round use of solar energy in detached houses, we fulfill an important social need for independence and 100% clean energy. The energy transition is accepted as a necessary measure by all sections of the population and considered indispensable. With our product Picea we make it possible for our end customers for the first time to carry out the energy turnaround in their own home. 100% and today. “

Henrik Colell, Managing Director of HPS, added: “Special thanks go to our employees, without whom the success of HPS would not be possible. We would also like to thank the jury and all those online for voting that they believe in the potential of HPS and the Picea system and, like us, are convinced of the social relevance of sustainable and CO2-free energy supply. “

For the WIWIN Award, 80 innovative companies that develop and produce sustainable technologies and products have applied. In a first selection process, the jury of experts selected 10 candidates who stand out from the 80 applicants with their innovative business model. The 10 selected companies subsequently had to submit to the public in another selection round, which was allowed to vote for the 5 finalists via an online voting. The final was broadcasted on 18.10.2018 at 19:30 via live stream. Zeyad Abul-Ella and Henrik Colell, both managing directors and founders of HPS, were able to convince the 12-member jury, which included experts from the areas of start-up, finance and sustainability, of their pitch in HPS and the Picea system.

About HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH (HPS):
HPS develops and produces integrated systems for the storage and use of solar energy for single and multi-family houses. HPS stands for security, independence and sustainability in decentralized energy supply. Picea's first HPS system is energy storage, heating support and home ventilation in one compact product. On the basis of its own powerful energy management system, Picea completely meets the needs of a single-family home with regard to electrical energy. In addition, the generated waste heat is provided as heating heat to the house and thus reduces the heating costs. Compared to commercially available batteries, Picea offers a hundred times more storage capacity and twice as much power. Picea is energy efficient and delivers energy in every season. This allows Picea a complete self-sufficiency and grid independence. The energy produced on sunny days with a photovoltaic system
can either be used immediately or it is converted to hydrogen and stored. This energy is retrievable at night or in the low-sunshine winter time. A fuel cell of the HPS system transforms the energy stored in hydrogen back into electrical energy and heat when needed. HPS is based in Berlin. For further information please visit:

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