Hy-Hybrid Energy, HydraV & GOLDI Mobility Join Forces to Begin Fuel Cell Systems Assembly- First of Its Kind in Hungary

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Fuel Cells Works, Hy-Hybrid Energy, HydraV & GOLDI Mobility Join Forces to Begin Fuel Cell Systems Assembly- First of Its Kind in Hungary

 Fuel Cell Systems Assembly Begins in Hungary Under the GOLDiON Project Making It As The First of Its Kind in Hungary.

RáCKEVE , &, GLASGOWHy-Hybrid Energy, HydraV & GOLDI Mobility Kft (GOLDI) have joined forces to work on fuel cell systems’ assembly in Hungary & subsequent deployment for heavy-duty mobility market in the EU as part of a strategic collaboration between the three companies. The cooperation was signed at the V4 conference and hydrogen technology demonstration, “Hydrogen – present and future in mobility”. During the Conference, the Hungarian Hydrogen technology Association is joined by the Innovation and Technology Ministry on the 8th and 9th of June, 2022 in Zalaegerszeg, on the ZalaZone test track. Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy & Mr. Ferenc Kovacs, CEO, GOLDI Mobility Kft attended the signing ceremony in-person, while HydraV CEO, Mr. Eric Tang along with his other team members joined the event remotely from China.

GOLDI has initiated the first of its kind in Hungary- the 18m fuel cell electric bus development program in August 2019 under the project GOLDiON. In early 2020, the program was further extended to include battery electric buses, thus completing both types of zero emission electric bus fleet. GOLDI’s technical and project management partner, Hy-Hybrid Energy is supporting the entire project and performed an extensive market analysis before selecting the key components and drivetrain technology. Under the GOLDiON project, this collaboration will focus on local assembly of fuel cell modules in Hungary with the goal of significantly reducing the cost of 12m and 18m fuel cell buses to be deployed across the EU.

Under the cooperation agreement, the parties will work together to set-up a local assembly plant of fuel cell modules in Hungary, which will potentially accelerate the GOLDiON fuel cell buses deployment when their engines (i.e., fuel cell system modules) are titled as, “assembled in Hungary”. In this regard, the parties shall work together to obtain necessary approvals/CE marking etc. for the locally assembled fuel cell modules to ensure that they can be sold to the EU market without any hassle/further paperwork. The parties also aim to work together for meeting the supply/demand targets of any future potential EU orders of the fuel cell modules, their local assembly in Hungary and final installation into the heavy-duty vehicles.

Hy-Hybrid Energy, the UK based fuel cell services provider has been overseeing the entire project. Dr. Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy brings over two decades of experience in hydrogen and fuel cells. He is among one of the experts around the world who has had the opportunity to work on almost all major types of fuel cells, i.e. SOFC, PEMFC, DMFC and AFC. In 2020, he founded the world’s first international hydrogen aviation conference (IHAC) platform. Dr. Akhtar is also supporting the first-of-its-kind in Pakistan, the 400 MW Green Hydrogen Project. Dr. Naveed Akhtar says: “We are proud to announce another landmark achievement in Hungary under the GOLDiON Project which has been a long-standing desire of mine.”

About Hy-Hybrid Energy Limited:

Working with the leading players in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, Hy-Hybrid Energy provides services in clean energy technologies. Based in Scotland, UK, the team are specialists in all major fuel cell types, renewable energy systems, hydrogen storage and production. Hy-Hybrid Energy is leading the first of its kind in Hungary, the fuel cell bus development project which also includes battery electric buses development. The company is also proud to be the world’s first in setting-up a platform (International Hydrogen Aviation Conference, IHAC) which gathers leading experts from the aviation sector, discussing the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation, annually. Other ongoing projects include, green hydrogen plant setup, low & high temperature fuel cell systems development for transport, back-up and off-grid applications.

Visit: or contact Hy-Hybrid Energy, [email protected]


GOLDI provides manufacturing and repair services for public transportation (trams and buses) since 1981. As an ambitious Hungarian manufacturer, GOLDI plans for local assembly of fuel cell electric drivetrains for buses, including fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, electric motors, DC-DC converters and control systems.

Visit or contact Ferenc Kovacs, [email protected]

About HydraV:

HydraV was founded in 2017 by VISION GROUP. Aiming at delivering reliable and remarkable fuel cell products and services, HydraV lays out a comprehensive domestic supply chain, builds an experienced and expertized team, and collaborates with several renowned universities. The fuel cell stacks, systems, and other core components independently developed by HydraV exhibit excellent performance and have been applied to various FCEVs and construction machinery. To manage the products effectively, all HydraV fuel cell systems are connected to a self-built big data platform to track their real-time status.


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