Hy-Hybrid Energy Provides End-of-Year Business Update

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The Company publishes the status of ongoing projects, strategic partnerships and milestones achieved to-date.

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM — Hy-Hybrid Energy- UK based leading hydrogen & fuel cell services provider is pleased to provide the end of year business update.

The GOLDiON project, which started in August 2019, is a joint cooperation between GOLDI Mobility Kft and Hy-Hybrid Energy. The project includes four variants of zero emission buses, i.e., 9 m battery electric bus (E9), 12 m battery electric bus (E12), 12 m fuel cell electric bus (H12) & 18 m fuel cell electric bus (H18) and a hydrogen powered drone. In Sept 2021, a demonstration event was organized to show the part outcome of the GOLDiON project, i.e., the battery electric buses and a hydrogen powered drone. The fuel cell powered buses are still in the production stage and another demo show is planned for early next year to mark the completion of Phase-1 of the GOLDiON project. Furthermore, an electric charging station which was also the part of the demo show, has been built at GOLDI factory to recharge the GOLDiON E9 & E12 models in-house.

Earlier this year, Hy-Hybrid Energy began work on microtubular-solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine-battery (MT-SOFC-GT-BAT) hybrid system for an aviation project. The study is to examine the benefits of this hybrid drivetrain and compare its advantages with the other available designs such as low and high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell & battery-based hybrid systems. The project considered the use of microtubular solid oxide fuel cell, gas turbine and battery as a hybrid drivetrain and selected the most appropriate energy source during climb, cruise & descend phases of the flight while optimising the overall efficiency of the drivetrain.

On 2nd Sept 2021, the Company hosted the 2nd series of its annual International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC 2021) virtually. IHAC is the world’s first platform which gathers leading experts from the aviation sector, discussing the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation, annually. During IHAC 2021, twenty-one excellent presentations were delivered by the Panellists, discussing the use of hydrogen in aviation. The morning Plenary Speech was offered by Mr. Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) and the afternoon Keynote Speech was delivered by Mr. Andy Marsh, CEO, Plug Power.

In Oct 2021, the Company CEO, Dr. Naveed Akhtar was offered to lead a Green Hydrogen Development Project. The project includes the production of green hydrogen via renewable energy sources (i.e., solar & wind) at large scale to bring the economies of scale into play. The Green Hydrogen plant will be deployed at a renewable rich location overseas, where the produced green hydrogen will partly be utilized locally to meet the decarbonization needs. The surplus green molecules will be transported to Japan, South Korea and Europe as key target locations. The Company is currently reviewing the proposals from key partners in order to establish the lowest possible transport cost out of the three available transport options, i.e., Liquefaction (LH2), Green Ammonia (NH3) and Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC). The Company is also at an advanced stage of discussions with potential H2 Off-takers which will allow us to select the best transport option to ensure a competitive Green H2 price to the end user.

“Hy-Hybrid Energy has broadened its reach beyond fuel cells and entered into partnerships in zero-emission mobility, green hydrogen & hydrogen aviation businesses,” said Dr. Naveed Akhtar, CEO, Hy-Hybrid Energy. “We expect 2022 being a further successful year for the Company.”


About Hy-Hybrid Energy Limited:

Working with the leading players in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector, Hy-Hybrid Energy provides services in clean energy technologies. Based in Scotland, UK, the team are specialists in all major fuel cell types, renewable energy systems, hydrogen storage and production. Hy-Hybrid Energy is leading the first of its kind in Hungary, the fuel cell bus development project which also includes battery electric buses development. The company is also proud to be the world’s first in setting-up a platform (International Hydrogen Aviation Conference, IHAC) which gathers leading experts from the aviation sector, discussing the role of hydrogen in decarbonisation, annually. Other ongoing projects include, green hydrogen plant setup, low & high temperature fuel cell systems development for transport, back-up and off-grid applications.



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