Hy2gen Norge Announces Name Change to Hy2gen Nordic, Expanding Across the Nordic Region

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Hy2gen Norge, a subsidiary of Hy2gen AG, is changing its name to Hy2gen Nordic. This change signifies the company’s strategic expansion beyond Norway into other Nordic countries. Hy2gen is a global leader in developing, financing, building, owning, and operating renewable hydrogen and hydrogen-based e-fuel plants.

Founded in 2019, Hy2gen Norge has been leading the development of renewable hydrogen projects in Norway to reduce carbon emissions in hard-to-abate sectors such as the maritime industry. The decision to rebrand as Hy2gen Nordic comes as the company sets off an ambitious plan to extend its business in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark.

— Our new name, Hy2gen Nordic, better represents our vision and commitment to develop innovative renewable hydrogen projects across the entire Nordic region, says Hege Økland, Managing Director of Hy2gen Nordic.

— As we grow, we remain dedicated to our mission of decarbonising carbon-intensive industries through renewable energy production, she says.

Hy2gen Nordic’s Strategic Initiatives

Expanding into all Nordic countries will involve establishing new partnerships, launching new production projects, and exploring innovative initiatives to maximise the region’s renewable energy potential and promote synergies across industries. Hy2gen Nordic aims to build on its success by capitalising on the experience gained in Norway and other projects in Hy2gen’s portfolio.

Key initiatives in the Nordic expansion include:

• Hy2gen Nordic plans to set up state-of-the-art renewable hydrogen and hydrogen-derivate production plants in strategic locations in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark.

• The company is actively seeking partnerships with local governments, industries, and other renewable energy providers to foster collaboration and accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen technologies.

• Hy2gen Nordic will continue to invest in cutting-edge research and development to enhance the efficiency and scalability of its hydrogen production processes.

— We look forward to bringing our expertise to new markets and contributing to the energy transition for our customers,” says Økland.

About Hy2gen

Hy2gen AG, based in Wiesbaden, develops, finances, builds, and operates plants worldwide for the production of renewable hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives, so-called RFNBO(renewable fuels of non-biological origin). The company’s target is to support its clients in decarbonising energy-intensive ‘hard-to-abate’ sectors such as shipping, aviation or the chemical, fertiliser and steel industry with the help of energy carriers and fuels from Power-to-X processes. This makes Hy2gen an important accelerator of the energy transition and makes a significant contribution to achieving climate targets. The company has been a first mover on the market since 2017 and is now active in five countries worldwide. At the beginning of 2022, Hy2gen raised €200 million from renowned investors – still one of the largest private capital raisings in the field of renewable hydrogen to date.


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