France: Hydrogen Barges Under Study on the Seine

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Hydrogen Barges on Seine

Integrated within the framework of the European program H2ships, the project is supported by Syctom, which plans to launch its first hydrogen barges in 2021.

In charge of the management of three large incinerators in the Paris Region, Syctom plans to convert a portion of its fleet of barges in charge of waste transport to hydrogen. Produced locally, hydrogen would be generated directly from the “Isséane” incinerator. Located on the banks of the Seine in Issy-les-Moulineaux, it would produce green hydrogen thanks to the surplus electricity.

Alos involved are associations EDF and Haropa Ports, the approach is part of the European H2Ships program, which aims to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of hydrogen in the maritime domain through several demonstrators.

” If the experiment is conclusive, H2SHIPS could lead to a development of  hydrogen along the entire Seine “, Believes Cedric Virciglio, in charge of European and international affairs for HAROPA.

If the schedule is respected, the first demonstrator Syctom barge should be launched by 2022. Also associated with the project, the company “Vedettes de Paris” could also test the hydrogen solution on a boat for tourists.



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