Hydrogen Europe welcomes the Winter Package
Hydrogen Europe welcomes the Winter Package
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, December 09, 2016

Hydrogen Europe, the European association representing more than 100 companies and associations dealing with hydrogen technologies, welcomes the Winter Package which was published by the European Commission yesterday. In order to meet climate change mitigation targets, the energy system needs to include significantly more renewable energy sources by coupling the different sectors of the energy system. The Winter Package paves the way to achieve this.

Brussels 01 December 2016 - Our industry grouping is pleased that a definition of energy storage, including hydrogen, is integrated in the package which will support an investment framework in this sector. The Winter Package establishes strong connections between renewable power, heating and cooling and the transport sector for the energy transition. We see this as recognition by the European Commission of the role of hydrogen as the missing link for coupling of the different sectors in the energy system. Hydrogen thus becomes a game changer on the road to a cleaner and finally zero-emission energy system.

This interconnection between the energy subsectors electricity, gas and heat is key if Europe wants to increase the reliability, resilience and flexibility, efficiency, and economic effectiveness of its energy system. Including the mobility sector will be of utmost importance in order to meet the COP 21 targets. Hydrogen, as a new energy vector, provides all prerequisites to bridging the existing gap, which is partially reflected in the Winter Package.

Hydrogen Europe also applauds the legal provisions enabling increased incentives for flexibility and provisions for adequate price signals. The fact that there is the basis for a scheme for guarantees of origin for green or renewable hydrogen is extremely important and has the potential to boost the integration of remittent renewable energy in the energy system.

However, there is still need for many clarifications with regards to the impact of green or renewable hydrogen. Legal clarity is an important basis for further investments.

We look forward to working with all EU institutions to ensure the full potential of hydrogen technologies are harnessed in the energy and mobility transition.