Hydrogen Mobility Australia Welcomes Select Committee on Electric Vehicles
Hydrogen Mobility Australia Welcomes Select Committee on Electric Vehicles
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, July 05, 2018

Hydrogen Mobility Australia welcomes the establishment of the Senate Select Committee on Electric Vehicles to inquire into the use and manufacture of electric vehicles in Australia.

The inquiry is a timely opportunity to consider the economic, environmental and social benefits for Australia from the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, and the role that governments and industry can play to facilitate the growth of this exciting sector.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia looks forward to participating in this inquiry as an advocate for the inclusion of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in Australia’s zero emission transport mix.

While battery electric vehicles represent one technology option, fuel cell vehicles, similarly powered by electricity, present another genuine alternative for delivering reduced transport emissions, improved air quality, and enhanced fuel security and diversification for Australia.

Both battery and fuel cell electric technologies are recognised by industry as playing complementary roles within a low carbon fleet due to their differing specifications and characteristics. Just as traditional internal combustion engine vehicles offer a range of fuel types, zero emission vehicles will equally need alternative offerings to support their development.

A technology neutral approach is therefore a sensible pathway forward in considering supporting measures to accelerate the proliferation of electric vehicles and their associated infrastructure in Australia.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia has been discussing the benefits of zero emission vehicles, including, hydrogen fuel cell, with governments at all levels and has been encouraged by the level of interest in the technology and the progress that is being made towards its integration into transport fleets.

What is clear however is that the sector could benefit from improved coordination between all stakeholders to optimise this opportunity and its anticipated employment and investment benefits. We therefore appreciate the committee’s commitment to explore how all governments can work together to develop a conducive environment to support the growth of these technologies.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia CEO, Claire Johnson says that closer government and industry collaboration is also essential to support the large-scale introduction of zero emission vehicles to Australia.

‘The future of automotive will be electric, however a co-ordinated plan between the public and private sectors will be needed for Australia to realise the full potential of the benefits it can deliver. These benefits can be maximised through a technology neutral approach encompassing all forms of zero emission vehicles as well as their supporting infrastructure,’ Ms Johnson said.