Hydrogen powered speed boat for the Oslo fjord in 2022
Hydrogen powered speed boat for the Oslo fjord in 2022
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, August 23, 2017

Buskerud, Akershus and Oslo have joined forces to look at the possibilities for emission-free boat routes in Oslofjorden. The investigation has assessed the technical and financial possibilities for realizing speedboats without emissions. The study has also assessed the benefit of society and states when emission-free speedboats can be in place.

The feasibility study considers solutions for zero-emission technology for the boats between Aker Brygge - Vollen and Slemmestad and between Nesodden and Lysaker. Battery and hydrogen technology has different advantages and disadvantages. Using such technology can be a reality in 2022, and will provide important environmental benefits. For passengers, this will not cause major changes, other than better and quieter boats. The reduction in CO2 emissions by making the two emissions emissions free is equivalent to the CO2 reduction by making 54 buses emission free.

Development opportunities in environmentally friendly technology

Norway is at the forefront of internationally-run ferries, and the development of emission-free, fast-moving boats is technologically innovative and offers opportunities to position itself in a market with high potential.

"We are internationally leader in electricity and hydrogen, and we also want to be on the use of such technology in heavier vehicles and in boat transport. It is very good that we have now received a report on the possibilities for emission-free boat routes. I will now study the report further and look forward to getting a political matter under consideration that also goes through the consultation responses, "says Anette Solli.

"It is exciting to see what opportunities we have for climate-friendly transport also in the fjord," says Lan Marie Berg, Environment and Transport Agency in Oslo. Boat represents a smaller proportion of public transport, but has high energy consumption and high local and global emissions per passenger kilometer. Oslo is currently working to facilitate a transition to emission-free boat relations, primarily in the electrical operation of the island boats and the Nesoddensambandet.

"To cooperate in the Oslo Fjord axis, we can achieve more than we can do alone," emphasizes Roger Ryberg, county chairman of Buskerud. "We have a strong maritime history to build in the region, and emission-free transport at sea takes development into the future.

Conclusions of the report

  • An emission free speedboat will be ready and operational during 2022, it can be realized with today's technology / components.
  • Hydrogen is most flexible when it comes to adaptation to today's routes, and comes best in an overall assessment with the weights of various factors used.
  • Innovative technical solutions will lead to this being a pioneer project in battery and hydrogen operation.
  • The pilot project will be climate-efficient with a significant reduction in emissions.
  • A zero-speed express boat will be a quiet, environmentally friendly and fast connection to the current connections.

The project was carried out by HR Project on behalf of Buskerud County Municipality, Akershus County Council and Oslo Municipality.