Hydrogen Station Opens in Wuppertal Germany
Hydrogen Station Opens in Wuppertal Germany
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, June 22, 2016
  • Innovative hydrogen filling station directly at the freeway junction Wuppertal-Nord
  • German government promotes plant 670,000 € on Innovation Programme NIP
  • Up to 400 H2 filling stations by 2023

Wuppertal, Hamburg, Munich- - A milestone for hydrogen mobility: The first standard H2 Mobility Station was recently opened at the Shell station in Wuppertal Schmiedestraße The station is a model for the further expansion of the German hydrogen filling station network by the company. The first of 100, but soon up to 400 such stations should occur by 2023 nationwide.

The operation of a fuel cell vehicle that runs on H2, causes neither CO2 nor harmful emissions to the environment.

IF the hydrogen-mobility story will be successful it will require plenty of fuel cell vehicles as well as the necessary infrastructure.

In the past, this was chicken and egg dilemma as one of the obstacles to the introduction of hydrogen as a fuel. Without enough H2 vehicles on the road there would be no gas stations. And conversely: Without hydrogen filling stations there would be no fuel cell vehicles.

To solve this challenge, the H2 Mobility is on the start line, a joint company of Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, OMV, Shell and Total. Up to 400 hydrogen stations will plan the company in Germany in 2023, to build and operate.

The new hydrogen station in Wuppertal is the first of its kind in North Rhine-Westphalia – and should become a model for all of Germany

More than ten years, the Clean Energy Partnership, a research partnership of several companies of the hydrogen economy research to develop a common standard. Wuppertal is the result. The technique has proved to be reliable and safe, it is to demand a local resident. the vehicles are refueled here with high pressure 700 bar. A refueling procedure thus takes only four minutes. 

First hydrogen stations in Germany there already has been for several years. Shell has taken, for example, in 2011 in Berlin, the world's largest H2 station in operation and also operates facilities in Hamburg. Here, however, were initially 'research and development in the foreground operation. A total of 20 hydrogen filling stations are being finalized in Germany, sponsored by the Federal Government through the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP). The federal government has also participated in the construction of the hydrogen station at the Schmiedestraße with funding of € 670,000 and therefore contributes to 50-station program Clean EnergyPartnership (CEP).

Three quarters of the H2 filling stations in Germany are currently equipped with Linde technology.

For those who complain about the long load times and the heavy weight of a battery-powered electric cars, is a hydrogen car the alternative. A fuel cell of the fuel is converted into energy. From the exhaust comes in the end only water. But so far lacks the network of filling stations in order to make the technology suitable for mass production. Nationwide there are just fact that it was held 21st the premiere of the new standards in Wuppertal, appears at first glance strange. After all, there are in Germany itself in many cities such as Cologne still no way for consumers to refuel hydrogen. Please refer to location in Wuppertal-Oberbarmen was, explain those responsible. The gas station is conveniently located in the motorway junction between A1, A43 and A46.