Hydrogène Québec Welcomes the Québec Strategy on Green Hydrogen and Bioenergy 2030

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Fuel Cells Works, Hydrogène Québec Welcomes the Québec Strategy on Green Hydrogen and Bioenergy 2030

MONTREAL – With the Quebec Strategy for Green Hydrogen and Bioenergy 2030 unveiled today by the Government of Quebec, Hydrogène Québec is pleased to see that the promising potential of green hydrogen in Quebec is recognized as a sustainable and complementary solution to direct electrification to achieve energy transition and decarbonization of the economy.

Three orientations of the strategy are fundamental to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 according to Hydrogène Québec.

Hydrogen, one of the sustainable solutions to the energy transition

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Quebec is a major challenge and requires multiple solutions. Hydrogen is an alternative to fossil fuels used as a low-carbon, cost-competitive fuel, in addition to being a complementary solution to direct electrification.

“Hydro-Québec will be a major strategic partner for the implementation of the energy transition process, particularly in the deployment of various renewable energy solutions. The reduction target of 4 M tonnes of CO2 by 2030 thanks to hydrogen proposed by the government is totally aligned with the needs identified by our members,” says Marie Lapointe , Executive Director of Hydrogène Québec. Remember that Hydrogène Québec is the only Quebec organization to represent private and public members of the entire value chain.

The creation of an office dedicated to hydrogen and the implementation of a subsidy to the Bureau de normalization du Québec for the creation of a standard on carbon intensity are also interesting initiatives for the development of the sector. hydrogen in Quebec.

The creation of regional hubs, a central pillar for the propulsion of hydrogen in Quebec

The strategy is an encouraging first step for the development of the hydrogen sector in the transport, industry and chemical sectors. However, Hydrogène Québec would like to point out that the development of infrastructures in the targeted regional centers will be crucial for carrying out pilot projects in Québec as well as socio-economic development. Moreover, this objective paves the way for the deployment of larger regional hubs by 2030 in industrial regions.

Additional investments needed

The Quebec government’s investment of $100 million by 2026 is a first step in the right direction. Nevertheless, it will be essential to provide concrete means to achieve carbon neutrality by injecting the necessary sums estimated at $1 billion for the deployment of private and public partnerships. On the other hand, the collaboration and regular consultation of private and public actors will be key to the success of this approach.

About Hydrogène Québec

Hydrogène Québec is an independent non-profit Quebec association in place since November 2020 whose mandate is to promote the commercialization of hydrogen energy and to raise awareness among the various Quebec stakeholders of the advantages of energy technologies. hydrogen and fuel cells. The association also works to motivate stakeholders to invest in hydrogen, to support public-private partnership projects and the development of the hydrogen sector in Quebec, in order to help decarbonize the economy and reduce GHG emissionswith convincing results by 2030. Hydrogène Québec brings together more than 50 members, small and large players in the hydrogen sector, both in terms of production and transport and various applications. The association has an agreement with the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association ( CHFCA ).

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