HydroGraph Inc. Nears Commercial Scale Production

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Fuel Cells Works, HydroGraph Inc. Nears Commercial Scale Production

Super-Material Graphene is a green, cost-effective processes to manufacture graphene, hydrogen

Super-Material Graphene is First Go-to-Market Product for Technology Platform

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. (HG.CN) (OTCMKTS:HGCPF) (the “Company” or “HydroGraph”), a commercial manufacturer of high-quality nanomaterials and alternative-energy fuels, has announced a time horizon for commercial scale production at its Manhattan, KS manufacturing plant.

The Company has targeted Q3 2022 for commercial scale, leveraging manufacturing technology developed at Kansas State University and kicking off a five-year plant expansion and job creation plan for the Manhattan region.

Growth Potential

HydroGraph technology manufactures strategic products such as the super-material graphene used in dozens of industries and alternative-energy fuels in high demand, such as hydrogen. This is done through an industry-leading patented process that achieves the highest quality, at a low cost. Unlike in the making of conventional graphene, HydroGraph’s process is environmentally friendly. The technology — the Hyperion detonation system — is ideal for commercial scale: compact and modular, with the small footprint allowing for deployment virtually anywhere. The Company’s initial go-to-market product of graphene, with hydrogen production process in development, marks the beginning for a platform of products in the advanced materials and energy spaces.

Ranjith Divigalpitiya, chief science officer of HydroGraph, said locating the manufacturing close to the R&D was a strategic choice. “The close proximity of our manufacturing facility to our research partners at Kansas State University will help us maintain our competitive advantage with a virtuous cycle between our commercial production and continuing R&D.”

K-State partnership and U.S. Economic Development

HydroGraph formed after collaborating with Kansas State University researchers for many years. In 2017, HydroGraph exclusively licensed the patented detonation process discovered by Chris Sorensen, Cortelyou-Rust University distinguished professor and university distinguished teaching scholar at K-State. According to Divigalpitiya, Sorensen’s method produces the most consistent, high-quality and cost-effective graphene available on the market and has the lowest environmental footprint. The exclusive license was coordinated by K-State Innovation Partners.

HydroGraph plans to explore the possibility of expanding beyond its existing building in Pottawatomie County to a larger production facility and creating high-paying jobs in the Manhattan region over the next five years. K-State Innovation Partners and Manhattan’s Knowledge Based Economic Development, or KBED, partnership facilitated the company’s manufacturing presence in the region.

(See press release: Canadian company uses technology developed at Kansas State University to create jobs in Manhattan)

About HydroGraph

HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. was founded in 2017 to fund and commercialize green, cost-effective processes to manufacture graphene, hydrogen and other strategic materials in bulk. Publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange Dec. 2, 2021, the Company acquired the exclusive license from Kansas State University to produce both graphene and hydrogen through their patented detonation process. More information about the Company and its products can be found on the HydroGraph website.

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