Hydrolux Announces the First Two Green Hydrogen Refueling Stations for Heavy Transportation in Quebec

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VAL-D’OR, QCHydrolux unveils “Project 117”.  Project 117 will equip the Route 117 corridor with two green hydrogen refueling stations allowing heavy trucks to connect the greater Montreal area and Abitibi-Témiscamingue. These green hydrogen refueling stations will be located in each of the regions of Val-d’Orand Saint-Jérôme and will have the capacity to refuel heavy trucks with pressures of 350 bar or 700 bar.

Although Project 117 is designed primarily for heavy trucking, motorists who have purchased hydrogen cars will also be able to get fuel at these stations. The two green hydrogen refueling stations will each have a PEM electrolyser (proton exchange membrane or Proton Exchange Membrane) of 5MW and their respective capacity may be increased depending on the growth in demand. Many Quebec transportation companies as well as industrial partners have already expressed their interest in Project 117.

This very first project, in its initial phase alone, will make it possible to avoid nearly 7.6 million liters of diesel per year, which represents more than 20,000 tons of CO 2 equivalent or removing nearly 4,300 cars from the roads of Quebec. At this stage, Hydrolux estimates the implementation of Project 117 at 24 months. More details will be communicated as the project develops.

“Project 117 is an innovative project, developed by Quebecers, for Quebecers, which will make it possible to decarbonize, thanks to green hydrogen, a strategic route for the economic development of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, the greater Montreal region. and Quebec ,” said Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin , President and CEO of Hydrolux.

Power management thanks to artificial intelligence and energy efficiency

Project 117 will enable Hydrolux to deploy its green hydrogen production optimization technology. This technology, powered by artificial intelligence, consists of predicting the hydrogen consumption at each of the stations as well as predicting the power available from the electrical network. In the short term, this technology will allow stations to anticipate and react quickly during peak power events (in winter, for example). With thegrowth of intermittent electricity production in Quebec and with the massive deployment of light battery vehicles, Hydrolux technology will be able to help Quebec in its management of electricity consumption throughout the year by allowing better exploitation of power fluctuations. In short, Hydrolux technology will make it possible to produce the right amount of green hydrogen, at the right time, while ensuring users never run out.

Project 117 will also allow Hydrolux to deploy its expertise in terms of energy efficiency. Hydrolux is already working with various partners to recover and valorize the thermal discharges linked to the production of green hydrogen. These waste heats will replace the natural gas that is currently used to heat commercial and industrial buildings.

About Hydrolux

Hydrolux is a Quebec company that develops and operates green hydrogen production projects. Hydrolux’s primary objective is to offer an economically and logistically viable alternative to intensive users wishing to transition their fleet of vehicles from fossil fuels to a clean energy source.

Thanks to its green hydrogen production optimization system powered by artificial intelligence, Hydrolux is able to drastically reduce the cost of green hydrogen production in addition to allowing better use of the electricity grid. In addition, by recovering the thermal discharges linked to the production of green hydrogen, Hydrolux allows better use of electricity by improving the energy efficiency of sectors where direct electrification is not possible, such as heavy transport. long distance.

Hydrolux’s vision is to provide a green source of energy while helping to develop a stronger, more resilient and carbon-free economy to provide a better future for future generations.




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