Hyliko Launches France’s First Dedicated Heavy Goods Vehicle Hydrogen Station in Villabé

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Villabé, France — In a landmark development for sustainable transportation in France, Hyliko inaugurated its first hydrogen station dedicated to heavy goods vehicles yesterday, July 4, in Villabé, south of Paris. This pioneering facility represents a significant step in Hyliko’s commitment to spearhead the hydrogen truck sector in France.

The new station, located strategically on the edge of the A6 motorway in the Essonne department, features:

  • A high-speed green hydrogen distribution station.
  • A comprehensive maintenance center designed to support hydrogen trucks.
  • The station is equipped with advanced technology from Norwegian company NEL, with Mesure Process, a subsidiary of MPH Energie, responsible for the construction and ongoing maintenance.

The inauguration event saw the presence of nearly 100 stakeholders, including partners, transporters, shippers, and manufacturers, who gathered at the Hyliko Paris Sud site in Villabé for a day of presentations and thematic workshops. The facility was showcased alongside four Hyliko hydrogen trucks, including three retrofits and one new model, marking the largest such complex in France.

Hyliko Launches Frances First Dedicated Heavy Goods Vehicle Hydrogen Station in Villabe

“Today marks a monumental achievement not only for Hyliko but for the entire French transportation sector. With the opening of this hydrogen station, we are paving the way for a sustainable and innovative future,” said Ovarith Troeung, CEO of Hyliko. “We thank all our partners, especially Mesure Process and MPH Energie, for their support in bringing this project to fruition.”

This facility is the first of its kind in France dedicated solely to hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles and is a part of Hyliko’s broader strategy to promote green hydrogen as a viable alternative fuel. The company has already delivered its first hydrogen-powered vehicles to major clients including Point P and Toyota, demonstrating the practicality and efficiency of hydrogen in heavy transportation.

As part of the collaboration with Mesure Process, two additional stations are planned, which will further enhance the infrastructure needed to support the growing number of hydrogen trucks on French roads.

Hyliko’s efforts are aligned with France’s environmental goals and the European Union’s agenda for a carbon-neutral future. This project not only highlights Hyliko’s leadership in hydrogen mobility but also its role in driving forward the country’s green energy transition.

About Hyliko

Hyliko is a leading French SME specializing in the retrofitting and maintenance of hydrogen fuel cell trucks. Committed to sustainable development and innovation in the transportation sector, Hyliko aims to transform the logistics industry by providing clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions.

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