Hynion Enters into an Agreement for Hydrogen Delivery to Renova

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Hynion Needs for Hydrogen Stations

The Gothenburg company Renova is far ahead in adopting new technology, and will now put its first hydrogen-powered truck into operation.

Renova collects waste from Gothenburg and the Western Region, and has great faith that hydrogen-powered trucks will be a very good solution for this purpose. Hynion and Renova signed a supply agreement and are ready to start the collaboration. Hynion will supply hydrogen to the trucks from its station in Gothenburg.

Renova Scania

Renova, Powercell, Scania and JOAB have in collaboration developed a truck with electric propulsion. Both propulsion, loading and compaction take place with electricity produced via a fuel cell where the energy comes from hydrogen. “Electrification with the help of hydrogen-powered fuel cells is a very interesting alternative for heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks that collect waste,” states Hans Zackrisson, head of vehicle development at Renova.

CEO of Hynion Sverige AB, Kurt Dahlberg looks forward to starting this collaboration. “We have been working for a long time to supply the pioneers who want to switch to the environmentally friendly fuel hydrogen. We have delivered for winter testing of cars in Arjeplog, we deliver to early hydrogen car users in Norway, and now we also go into the supply of trucks. ”

“Hynion will now take on the work of opening the station we recently took over in Gothenburg,” says Ulf Hafseld, CEO of Hynion AS in Norway. Hynion is now embarking on the work of opening the station we recently took over in Gothenburg, “says Ulf Hafseld, CEO of Hynion AS in Norway. “We know the technology well from other stations we have in operation, but due to travel restrictions from Corona, we have not yet been able to start work on reopening the station. Hynion will return with more information about when the station can be reopened to traffic. ”

Hynion AS currently supplies hydrogen to all of the Oslo region’s hydrogen cars, and is experiencing great demand. The capacity of the station at Høvik has long since been exceeded, and will now be increased. After the summer holidays, the station will be ready with doubled capacity to deliver to all those who want to drive a hydrogen car. 

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