HyPort: green hydrogen on the Occitanie airport zones
HyPort: green hydrogen on the Occitanie airport zones
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 HyPort: green hydrogen on the Occitanie airport zones

Green hydrogen, with its long-term storage capacity, is a source of energy for the future. Its three areas of development are industrial uses , mobility , and hydrogen as an energy vector . Hydrogen projects led by ENGIE: the HyPort project . Its goal is to establish a complete hydrogen chain in the Occitanie region from Tarbes and Toulouse airports.

Hydrogen is used primarily as a source of green energy in the industry and as a fuel for vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. It will be tomorrow an essential vector of the energy transition.

Green hydrogen: an energy of the future

Today, difficulties in storing energy are a hindrance to the development of renewable energy. On the one hand, the impossibility of storing surplus electricity during periods of low consumption does not allow its use during peak periods. On the other hand, solar or wind power are not necessarily at their best efficiency when energy demand is at its peak (night and winter, for example). Fortunately, hydrogen makes it possible to offset the intermittency of renewable energies thanks to its storage capacity over a long period.

Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, a reaction that breaks down H 2 O molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. An electrolyser thus makes it possible to transform a surplus of renewable electricity into "green hydrogen" that can be compressed and stored. This is the principle of "Power to Gas" . It can then be reused on demand as a "green gas" or even converted back into electricity through a fuel cell. At the same time, the oxygen and heat produced during the electrolysis can also be valued as complementary local energy.

The deployment of hydrogen energy in Occitania

As part of the "Industrial New France", the State launched, in May 2016, the call for projects "Territories Hydrogen" to accelerate the deployment of the hydrogen sector in France. ENGIE is associated with 9 of the 29 projects selected and labeled "Territories Hydrogen", including HyPort for the Occitan Region.

The company HyPort, created by ENGIE Cofely and the Occitanie Region, is dedicated to the development of green hydrogen on the territory. Its aim is, initially, to set up a complete Hydrogen chain at the airports of Tarbes and Toulouse : from production to distribution through the storage of green hydrogen .

This chain will supply various equipment in the life of airport platforms to reduce their carbon footprint. With green hydrogen, it is indeed possible to produce heat and electricity in a "clean" way by releasing only water vapor, without emissions of NOx, CO2 or particles.

HyPort also aims to develop green hydrogen mobility . The project plans to deploy a fleet of 5 buses running on hydrogen, as well as a rental service for 50 hydrogen vehicles on and around airport areas. The use of hydrogen prolongs the autonomy of electric vehicles up to 500 kilometers and reduces by almost 7h their cooldown, while generating no polluting emissions, nor noise nuisance.

EffiH2: produce "green hydrogen" on site

ENGIE Cofely's hydrogen offer, called EffiH2, will serve as a basis for reflection on the HyPort project in the airport business.

Starting from the production of completely renewable hydrogen, EffiH2 makes it possible to:

  • to produce the hydrogen necessary for an industrial site thanks to the installation of an electrolyser,
  • value the eco-products (oxygen, heat),
  • optimize the control of the energy supply process.

Result: a solution that makes it possible to benefit from energy produced and stored locally, without transport costs and with a low environmental footprint.