Hysolar Unveils its Green Hydrogen Station Design

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  • “Working on Green Hydrogen for Transport”
Hysolar aims to deliver green hydrogen for sustainable transport at the end of 2020. The hydrogen is supplied at a pressure of 350 bar for trucks and buses and at 700 bar for passenger cars.

The permit for the hydrogen filling station has recently been requested for the location of Jos Scholman Aannemersbedrijf in Nieuwegein. Until the end of the year, we will still use the temporary filling station located 1 km away on the KWR site.

As of mid-2019, the partners of Hysolar (Allied Waters, KWR, Jos Scholman) will already be driving hydrogen-powered passenger cars, now just under twenty: Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo, the two models currently available on the Dutch market. There will also be tractors on the arrival in Nieuwegein that will be powered by hydrogen.

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The first impression of the gas station

Hysolar is supported in the preparations and engineering by the engineering firm Ekinetix . “An exciting moment in the preparation phase is always when we make a visualization after a thorough exploration”, says Jaco Reijerkerk, director of Ekinetix. “What the impressions show is the petrol station itself, in addition the storage in so-called tube trailers. We are very happy to participate in this unique and progressive project. ” At the end of December, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management awarded a so-called DKTI subsidy to the project, partly because of its highly innovative character.

What is Hysolar working on?

Hysolar is based in Nieuwegein near Utrecht, and is working on producing and supplying green hydrogen by installing an electrolyser and hydrogen filling station. The installation, which will be in use from the end of 2020, will eventually produce 250 tons of hydrogen annually. The energy it produces is able to power around 750 cars or 25 buses on a daily basis.

Construction firm Jos Scholman will be the first major buyer of green hydrogen from the forthcoming filling station. We foresee a major role for hydrogen-powered vehicles in the future. We will make our vehicle and machinery park sustainable for years to come by converting from diesel to hydrogen power. We also recently purchased 11 hydrogen cars says managing director Robert Scholman: The construction of the filling station will enable us to become part of the circular economy.

Hysolar also supports those with questions about green hydrogen. We see a promising role for green hydrogen in the transport sector and beyond.


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