HySynergy Announced as Lighthouse Project as It Spearheads the Roll-Out of Large-Scale Hydrogen Implementation

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Fuel Cells Works, HySynergy Announced as Lighthouse Project as It Spearheads the Roll-Out of Large-Scale Hydrogen Implementation

Herning, Denmark-– Everfuel’s HySynergy project was today announced as a Lighthouse project by Hydrogen Europe as it spearheads the roll-out of large-scale hydrogen implementation.

Lighthouse projects are hydrogen initiatives that stands out, are integrated, makes a difference for climate and employees, and which are large in scale. With the announcement of HySynergy as a Lighthouse project, the project is manifested to be much more than an electrolyser facility. The Hydrogen Europe’s Lighthouse initiative aims to support such projects and speed up the roll-out of hydrogen across Europe.

HySynergy will produce its first green hydrogen late in 2022 from the initial 20MW electrolyser. The facility will be scaled to 300MW in 2025 and 1GW in 2030, whereby it lives up to the Lighthouse criteria of being a large-scale project based on significant investments. The project further follows the criteria of being integrated with surrounding projects for instance by supplying excess heat from the electrolyser to the local district heating system.

Besides delivering green hydrogen to Everfuel’s own fuelling stations, the HySynergy project will deliver green hydrogen to the adjacent refinery through a direct pipe. Crossbridge Energy A/S, who owns the refinery, is an important project partner and off taker of the hydrogen produced at HySynergy.

“At Crossbridge Energy Fredericia, we have an ambition of being climate neutral by 2035. In order to reach that ambitious target, it requires us to act now and explore new ways of working. The HySynergy project will support our carbon footprint reduction considerably and signals a new era for the refinery. With HySynergy’s status as a Lighthouse project, we are prouder than ever to be a part of the project and collaborate with Everfuel on the future expansion,” says Finn Schousboe, CEO at Crossbridge Energy A/S.

“The collaboration between Everfuel and Crossbridge shows how new and old technologies can work together to create the needed energy transition. At the same time, it establishes Fredericia municipality as a municipality that actively supports the green agenda while keeping local jobs. As a Lighthouse project, HySynergy will have significant relevance for both climate end employees,” says Steen Wrist, Mayor of Fredericia Municipality.

“We are extremely honoured and proud to be named as a Lighthouse project. We see it as the Oscars of Hydrogen where extraordinary projects are highlighted as Lighthouses. When we named the project HySynergy we knew it would not solely be an electrolyser facility. It would be a green energy facility with synergies to the wider society. HySynergy is a prime example of the green energy transition where renewable energy is utilised to the greatest possible extent,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO at Everfuel.

Along with the honour of being named a Lighthouse project follows a number of toolboxes from Hydrogen Europe to further advance and mature the project.

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