Hyundai Engineering & Construction Spearheads Nuclear-Powered Hydrogen Production Initiative

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  • Hyundai Engineering & Construction has partnered with several major Korean institutions and companies to create a hydrogen production base using nuclear power, marking a significant advancement in clean energy technology.
  • This collaboration, involving the construction of infrastructure to produce, store, and transport over 4 tons of clean hydrogen daily by 2027, aims to position Hyundai and its partners as leaders in the burgeoning global hydrogen economy.

Seoul, South Korea—Hyundai Engineering & Construction has embarked on an ambitious project to establish a nuclear-powered hydrogen production base, in collaboration with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) and other key players in the energy and technology sectors. This initiative was formalized with a signing ceremony held at the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Radiation Health Center in Jung-gu, Seoul.

Strategic Collaborations for Clean Energy

Hyundai E&C has joined forces with KHNP, Samsung C&T, Doosan Energy, Korea Electric Power Technology, Korea Gas Safety Corporation, Korea Gas Technology Corporation, and the Korea Electric Power Exchange. This coalition underscores a strong commitment to advancing clean hydrogen production as a cornerstone of South Korea’s energy strategy.

Pioneering Pink Hydrogen Production

The project centers on the production of ‘pink hydrogen’, utilizing electricity generated from nuclear power to conduct low-temperature water electrolysis. This method, which operates below 100°C, is noted for its efficiency and high stability, making it a promising solution for large-scale hydrogen production. Pink hydrogen is expected to play a crucial role in achieving carbon neutrality and revitalizing the hydrogen economy.

Development and Commercialization Goals

By 2027, the consortium aims to establish facilities capable of producing, storing, and distributing more than 4 tons of clean hydrogen each day. Hyundai E&C will lead the design and construction of the necessary infrastructure, including nuclear-linked power systems and common facilities for water supply, compressed air, and nitrogen supply.

Integration with Renewable Energy

The initiative is part of the “Low-temperature hydro electrolytic hydrogen production and operation demonstration project linked to renewable energy harmonized carbon-free power”, supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. This project represents Korea’s first demonstration of a hydro electrolytic hydrogen production base using nuclear power, signaling a significant step towards sustainable large-scale hydrogen production.

Future Prospects and Global Leadership

Hyundai E&C is not only looking to enhance its capabilities within the hydrogen sector but also aims to secure a competitive edge in the global design, procurement, and construction market for hydrogen production plants linked to nuclear power. This strategic move is designed to cement Hyundai’s position as a leader in the transition to a hydrogen-based society.

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