Hyundai Holds Opening Ceremony for New Hydrogen Station in Busan City

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Busan Hydrogen Station 1
  • Three more hydrogen charging stations will be opened within the city center
  • Hyundai to supply 5 hydrogen buses to Busan city
  • Busan metropolitan city is planning to establish 19 hydrogen charging stations by 2022 to make 4,500 hydrogen passenger cars and 100 hydrogen buses available

Hyundai Motor Company announced today that it held the opening ceremonies and completion of the Busan hydrogen station located in Sasang-gu, Busan.

Hyundai Motor will take the lead in opening the era of popularization of hydrogen electric vehicles by expanding the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and supplying hydrogen electric buses in Busan.

The ceremony was held at the H Busan Hydrogen Refueling Station. About 100 people attended, including Hyundai Motor.

The ‘H Busan Hydrogen Fuel Station’ was built by Hyundai Motors as part of the MOU signed by Hyundai Motors with Busan City in September last year to promote the supply of hydrogen electric vehicles and expand the hydrogen charging infrastructure.

At the time, Hyundai Motor Company and Busan Metropolitan Government agreed to expand hydrogen electric vehicle supply and charging infrastructure to secure competitiveness of hydrogen industry and foster and develop related industries.

The ‘H Busan Hydrogen Station’ was installed as an additional hydrogen refueling facility at the compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station operated by Daedo Energy.

Busan Hydrogen Station2In addition, the ‘H Busan Hydrogen Fuel Station’ has a charging capacity of 25kg / h, which can buffer more than 5 hydrogen electric vehicles per hour, and is operated from 8 am to 10 pm, seven days a week, and more than 70 hydrogen electric vehicles are used per day. It is possible.

From the two hydrogen built this year, Busan Metropolitan City plans to expand 19 hydrogen stations (including four bus-only stations) by 2022.

Lee Hwang-guk, vice president of Hyundai Motor Company, said  “The H-Bus hydrogen filling station completed this time will be the first city-type hydrogen filling station in Busan.

Hyundai plans to supply a total of five new hydrogen buses to Busan by October, and Busan plans to introduce hydrogen buses on regular routes.

Hyundai’s new hydrogen electric bus is equipped with a fuel cell system that has significantly improved performance and durability compared to existing vehicles, and can drive about 450 km on a single charge.Busan Hydrogen Station3

If one hydrogen electric bus runs 1km, it can purify 4.863kg of air, and if it runs 86,000km per year, it is possible to purify air of 418,000,218kg, which is about adult (based on 64kg of weight). 76 people can drink clean air for a year.

Busan plans to supply 550 hydrogen electric vehicles and 5 hydrogen electric buses this year, and 4,500 hydrogen electric vehicles and 100 hydrogen electric buses by 2022.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motors is speeding up the expansion of nationwide hydrogen refueling stations. In addition to the Busan hydrogen charging station built this time, three more hydrogen charging stations will be opened within the city center, including Seoul’s National Assembly, Gangdong-gu, and Namdong-gu, Incheon.

In addition, Hyundai opened a hydrogen fuel station at the Gyeongbu Expressway Anseong Rest Area (Seoul direction) and the Yeongdong Expressway Yeoju Rest Area (Gangneung direction) until September. An additional hydrogen charging station is planned to open at the Highway Haman Service Area (Hanam County, Gyeongnam).


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